TuS Altenheim Triumphs Over HSG Hanauerland: A Spectacular Victory Worth Celebrating!

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TuS Altenheim celebrates victory against HSG Hanauerland

TuS Altenheim celebrating victory

After suffering defeats in Steißlingen and at home against Ehingen, the injury-stricken TuS Altenheim bounced back with a win in Sinzheim. The team led by coach Stefan Bayer aimed to continue their winning streak at home against the second-to-last place team, HSG Hanauerland.

HSG Hanauerland unable to match Altenheim’s strength

In the first quarter, HSG Hanauerland managed to keep up with a heavily depleted TuS Altenheim. However, their resistance soon crumbled. One can only imagine the outcome had Gerry Sutter, who was injured, played for the hosts. It is possible that the defeat would have been even more significant. Around the 20-minute mark, Altenheim took control of the game. Oliver Gieringer, the top scorer for the home team with seven goals, scored to make it 14:11. It became evident why the guests were in second-to-last place. The reserve team of TV Willstätt offered a lackluster performance to the spectators at the Herbert Adam Halle. In contrast, the young and upcoming players from Altenheim, some from the club’s second string, grew stronger and steadily increased their lead. Additionally, Altenheim’s goalkeeper Lukas Schäfer made several saves to deny the opposing team.

Altenheim extends their lead

After 24 minutes, Max Mattes of Altenheim increased the lead to 17:11. Furthermore, HSG Hanauerland’s player Maxime Soltane was disqualified, further favoring the home team. After 50 minutes, Louis Kircher scored to make it 26:19. Altenheim pulled away and widened the gap until the end. A brace from TuS player Manuel Schnurr sealed the victory with a score of 31:22 (19:13).

Source: Freier Mitarbeiter Eingestellt von: Patryk Szlacheta aus Offenburg

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