What is Christkindl LIVE and Who We Are?

Christkindl.  LIVE 
is an online Christmkindl marketplace borne out of the idea that many local Christkindl markets will not be taking place live this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re an independent organization that is not affiliated with or part of any existing Christkindl market in the US. (since this media incident, we have put this notice at the bottom of our website)

The organizers of Christkindl.  LIVE  represent a number of vendors, who thought that taking the market online could be a great way to bring the holiday shopping experience to people throughout the U.S., many of whom would not otherwise be able to shop their local Christkindl markets this year.

Our remote virtual market will be based in Chicago, IL with live stream available to many local cities in the US.

On November 15, we’ll start our live stream from our Chicago-based location to our website.

Our remote live streaming will be conducted from Chicago, IL, and our service will be available to people from the US and Canada. To facilitate our 2-day shipping logistics, we have two warehouse hubs in the US: one from Los Angeles, and one from Chicago, IL.

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