Oscars 2024: Da’Vine Joy Randolph Takes Home Best Supporting Actress Award

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Oppenheimer Wins Big at the 96th Oscars

Christopher Nolan’s epic film “Oppenheimer” emerged as the major winner at the 96th Oscars, securing seven awards. The film took home the prestigious “Best Film” accolade, with Cillian Murphy winning the award for “Best Leading Actor.” Director Nolan himself also received recognition, winning the award for “Best Director.” Additionally, Robert Downey Jr. was honored as “Best Supporting Actor” for his portrayal of Lewis Strauss in the film.

Amidst his acceptance speech, Downey Jr. expressed gratitude for his “terrible childhood” and jokingly thanked the Academy, saying, “I’d like to thank my awful childhood first, and then the Academy, in that order.” The film’s achievements continued with awards for “Best Editing,” “Best Cinematography,” and “Best Original Score.”

Other Winners and Highlights

The Oscar for “Best Leading Actress” was awarded to Emma Stone for her remarkable performance in “Poor Things.” Yorgos Lanthimos’ film secured four trophies, including awards for “Best Makeup and Hairstyling” and “Best Production Design.” Another notable winner was the British film “The Zone of Interest,” directed by Jonathan Glazer, which won the award for “Best International Film.”

Sandra Hüller, a German actress, was nominated for “Best Leading Actress” for her role in “Anatomy of a Case.” While she did not secure the award, Hüller’s presence and performance were significant, and her film garnered critical acclaim.

A Night of Glamour and Activism

The star-studded red carpet event at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood was filled with elegance and style, with many attendees dressed in black. Additionally, some individuals, including Billie Eilish and several actors, donned red badges as a symbolic call for peace amidst the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza.

The show was hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who infused humor into the proceedings. Kimmel playfully referred to Sandra Hüller’s roles, remarking that while they may be intense for American audiences, they are considered romantic comedies in her home country of Germany.

Overall, the 96th Oscars showcased outstanding films and celebrated the talent and creativity within the industry.

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