Oscars 2024: “20 Days in Mariupol” Wins Best Documentary

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Oscars 2024: »20 Tage in Mariupol« ist bester Dokumentarfilm

In an uplifting and inspiring moment at the Oscars 2024, the award for Best Documentary was given to “20 Tage in Mariupol” (20 Days in Mariupol). The film’s director, in a touching acceptance speech, expressed the significance of capturing the truth and ensuring that the history of Mariupol, and the sacrifices made by its people, are never forgotten.

Oscars 2024 Winner: 20 Tage in Mariupol

»Ich kann die Geschichte nicht ändern«, sagte er weiter. »Ich kann die Vergangenheit nicht ändern. Aber wir alle zusammen… unter euch einige der talentiertesten Menschen der Welt, wir können dafür sorgen, dass die Geschichte richtig aufgezeichnet wird und dass die Wahrheit die Oberhand gewinnt und dass die Menschen von Mariupol und diejenigen, die ihr Leben geopfert haben, niemals vergessen werden.«

A Tribute to Mariupol’s Untold Story

The award-winning documentary, “20 Tage in Mariupol,” sheds light on a powerful and untold story that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Through an emotionally gripping narrative, the film takes us on a journey into the lives of the people of Mariupol—a city deeply affected by the devastating conflict and their struggle for survival.

An Emotional Acceptance Speech

During the Oscars ceremony, the film’s director delivered an emotional acceptance speech that resonated with audiences. Reflecting on the pain and tragedy of Mariupol’s history, the director acknowledged the inability to change the past but emphasized the importance of truth and remembrance. The director called upon the collective power of the talented individuals present at the ceremony to ensure that Mariupol’s story is accurately documented and that the sacrifices made by its people will never fade away.

A Call for Truth and Remembrance

The recognition of “20 Tage in Mariupol” as the Best Documentary at the Oscars 2024 serves as a reminder of the significance of preserving and honoring the stories of those who have endured hardship and sacrifice. Through the medium of film, the truth can be immortalized, ensuring that future generations will remember the resilience and bravery of Mariupol’s people.

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