Live Christkindl market Launches in 2020

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Live Christkindl market Launches in [geot_city_name]

“While Christkindl LIVE loves all of the Christmas markets around the world, we’re an independent platform and are not affiliated nor part of any Christmas market in the US.”

Interactive online holiday market is the first of its kind

[geot_city_name] – Christkindl.LIVE is going to rescue Christmas in the coronavirus world.

COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of many events around the world, and unfortunately, the traditional Christkindl market is no exception. Most cities in the US have made the decision to close the Christmas market for 2020.

It’s a disappointment for shoppers and vendors alike.

But just because the physical market won’t be open for shopping this holiday season doesn’t mean that market-goers can’t still get the Christkindl market experience: We’re taking the traditional Christkindl market online, featuring novel Christmas gifts and ornaments, German handmade wooden items like nutcrackers and cuckoo clocks.

What sets Christkindl.LIVE apart from other e-commerce sites is its Christmas-centric focus. You won’t find generic themes or random items here, just 200+ Christmas products from over 10 different brands. The online market will feature German black forest cuckoo clocks, Christmas nutcrackers, Christmas trees, LED lights, loose tea leaves, holiday knitted gloves and hats, Christmas jewelry and more. We’ll have just about everything you would expect to find at a traditional Christkindl market.

In addition, there will be a human booth assistant live streaming and interacting with customers during designated hours, who can answer specific questions you might have, show you a particular item in more detail, or help you find the perfect gift, just as they would if you walked up to a booth at a real-life Christkindl market.

One positive the Christkindl.LIVE offers is engaging activities for families and kids. For example, you can text ‘quiz’ to (844) 233-7111 to answer 3 multiple choice questions.

“The Christkindl is a reference to which biblical figure?”

The Christkindl.LIVE ( market will officially launch on Nov. 15.

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Director of Operations
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