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Christmas Nutcracker

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Go nuts over Authentic German Christmas Nutcrackers this Christmas!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase genuine German nutcrackers from an amazing selection of nutcracker dolls available on ChristkindlLIVE. These quaint wooden figurines will always have a place in hearts especially at Christmas time when theatres across the nation come alive with scintillating performances of the brave little nutcracker soldier from The Nutcracker ballet.

ChristkindlLIVE offers a variety of functional nutcrackers which are painstakingly crafted by experienced German artisans from premium locally-sourced wood and materials. Thus, our customers are ensured of years and years of delightful ‘nutcracking pleasure’. What’s more, all nutcrackers in stock come from reputed craft houses in Germany that have hundreds of years of experience behind them. Quality is of utmost importance to us because authentic nutcrackers like ours must be perfect in appearance and sturdy enough to crack the toughest nuts.

ChristkindlLIVE is offering some great discounts on German nutcracker ornaments this Christmas so make sure you get some for yourself and those you love this season. By purchasing genuine nutcrackers from ChristkindlLIVE you will be rewarded with faithful nutcracker service for years and years to come.

A complete guide to purchasing an authentic German nutcracker
“Nussknacker in German”

The first nutcracker doll was made in Ore Mountains

The most famous german doll adored worldwide is definitely the Nutcracker. The history of the festive doll dates back to the 17th century when Friedrich Wilhelm Füchtner started producing them in his workshop in the Ore Mountains. Friedrich Wilhem, the father of the German Nutcracker doll is as well the one responsible for popularizing the original wooden nutcrackers as he is the one that started the mass production of christmas decorations, in a small town in East Germany, Steiffen, the toy producing village in Germany.

Nutcrackers are made by skillful craftsmen in Germany

To be a craftsman in Germany it is an honour, which is very hard to deserve. In order to become a recognized craftsman, a person must obtain a qualification called “Meisterbrief”. Here, not only one’s abilities for work with wood, glass, ceramics and other handy skills are being tested, but also the ability to run a business. Only the craftsmen that have successfully passed their exam are able to run their own business, but also to hire apprentices. Germany has a thriving history of skillful craftsmen, and the nutcracker has become one of the top signatures of the craft masters.

The functional value of German nutcrackers

The first Nut-Cracking dolls were produced with the purpose to serve as a kitchen tool, but as they gained more and more popularity, more attention is being paid on their design rather than on their initial function. The ending of the Second World War brought peace, but also brought  the nut cracking doll to the USA. The American soldiers were bringing no other than this souvenir when they were going back home. And with the adaptation of the story about “The Nutcracker and the king mouse” into the world’s famous ballet by Tschaikovsky. “The Nutcracker” made a real boom and became the king of the Christmas decorative table. In the original story about the mouse king and the nutcracker, three siblings receive many toys as Christmas gifts, among which there is the Nutcracker, with which they can’t stop playing, and one of the kids has the most beautiful dreams in which she falls in love with the doll which then transforms into a person. Since then the nutcracker soldier is an object of desire and statement Christmas gift with which you can never go wrong.

 The real nutcrackers are produced in Germany and most of them still have the nut cracking feature, even though everybody is buying them for their beautiful design, flawless finish, and stylish outfit. The one produced in the original 17th century shops include up to 130 pieces, each of them shaped and painted by hand. As they got all the attention and admiration and people started buying them not only in the shape of a soldier, king or a well dressed gentleman, but also in every shape and outfit that you can think of. Think of your biggest passion and the Nutcracker can be found wearing the outfit or possessing the tools. The tools and details are only present in the original german made “nusscracker” dolls, the cheap copies coming from all the other parts of the world, come in basic outfit, with rough finish and unlike the original that have both aesthetic and nut cracking functions. That is why if you were ever doubting in buying the cheaper version you should reconsider it, because unlike the plastic or cheap wood nutcracker dolls that are coming outside Germany, that do not serve the purpose and might dissect after you remove them from the christmas shelf, the original one having the “Made in Germany” stamp, is the one that would be transferred through generations. And the love for beauty would develop across the family. Buy now, appreciate forever.

How to select an authentic German nutcracker?

I guess you  are already wondering where to start when buying a nutcracker?

– If you are buying it is a present for yourself that is already easier, since you can choose one of the plenty options according your personal taste, but if you are buying a nutcracker doll for someone else, the easiest would be to think about the hobbies or the passions of the person you want to give this gorgeous christmas doll. Whether it is one of the traditional choices as a nutcracker soldier, king or an emperor, or a mickey mouse, painter, or star wars lover there is nut cracker for everyone. Yes, among the german producers you can find even baby Yoda nutcrackers or a Darth Vader. The choice of cool nutcrackers is so wide that there are one for the beer drinkers, then nutcracker dolls for animal lovers, or skilovers and nutcrackers in the shape of celebrities.

1.  Pick your favorite character

-Taste is not a matter of discussion, but some nutcrackers are definitely cuter than ours or are day? Apart from the traditional christmas nutcrackers, there are nutcracker dolls for every occasion as the bbq nutcracker guy, who has his full outfit starting from blue jeans and checkered shirt, to the tiniest details as the meat, fork and even apron, an all year round decoration and a star on your yard parties. Another one is the snowboard nutcracker, who will count the days together with you till the next season. That nutcracker doll looks as he is ready to hit the slopes just now. Another favorite classic is the King of Hearts, festive, but not limited to a season, this nutcracker king will always look gorgeous in every room.

2.  Which nutcracker size should you choose?

Since the nutcracker has become the official doll of the christmas holidays and you can find it in the size from small hand sized ornaments, up to real human size dolls, you should choose according to the area you want it to fit in. If you have a huge christmas tree and would like to put a nutcracker doll, then one of the XL nutcrackers from 26 inches is the right choice for you, extra points if you have a small child at home, that would make perfect photos on which they would look like buddies. If you are considering one of the medium sized nutcracker soldiers or kings then the best fit for you would be to buy a doll in the range from 10 to 20 inches, based on the shelves you want to put them, or maybe the top of your fireplace. Also this size is great for the non conventional nutcrackers, the ones that describe you or your hobby. The small nutcrackers of 8 inches or less, make great christmas three ornaments. Imagine a christmas tree decorated with only nutcrackers in various outfits and colours. Heaven. They are also a perfect addition to a christmas present for the loved ones or as an ornament to your wrapping, everyone will be amazed.

3.  How much should you spend for a nutcracker?

We already know that the true nutcrackers are made in Germany, and that the process of producing one is very complex. Some of the dolls include more than 130 pieces. What matters the most when the price comes to mind are the size, the design complexities, the theme on which it was done and whether the nutcracker doll is produced in a limited amount, which usually is the case. The bigger the nutcracker soldier, the more it costs, the details of a unique outfit adds more on the price, having in mind that everything is handcrafted by masters. Next, many of the dolls come in a limited amount of  1000 pieces and sometimes even less, and we know that there are for sure more than million collectors or lovers, so that amount of christmas dolls is being sold as they go published online. The extra large nutcrackers start from $500, if they are vintage or limited edition, be prepared to spend even more (several thousands). The medium sized are usually in the range of $200 to $500, and the mini ones should usually be less than $200. Please bear in mind  that it always pays off to go for the real deal, rather than buying cheap copies or plastic dolls, that do not add on worth as the time goes by.

We hope that you are prepared to start the german nutcracker shopping journey, if you are still having any concerns you may want to come back to our page and learn more about the nutcracker prince and its connection to the Christmas holidays as well as how it became the king of hearts and why everyone is going crazy about  this festive german doll.