XXL Küchen Ass: Revolutionizing Your Perception of Kitchen Technology

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Revolutionizing Kitchen Technology at XXL Küchen Ass

Get ready for a culinary adventure that will transform your kitchen! XXL Küchen Ass is opening the doors of all eight branches in Sachsen to a world where kitchen planning and innovative technology come together in perfect harmony. Whether you see your kitchen as a place to cook, a personal retreat, or a source of inspiration, XXL Küchen Ass has three exciting events waiting to be discovered:

“BORA live erleben” – March 2

Unveil the secrets of a revolutionary kitchen experience at the BORA event. From 9 AM to 2 PM (until 5 PM in Schönbach), XXL Küchen Ass will showcase the latest kitchen technologies that will turn cooking into a true pleasure. Discover the innovative BORA cooktop and the revolutionary BORA X BO oven, which go beyond mere ventilation solutions and mark the beginning of a culinary revolution. Experience the various functions of the cooktop extractor system and the FlexBackofen in a relaxed atmosphere. Click here for more information and be a part of this exciting event!

Schausonntag mit Thermomix® Vorführung – March 3

If you’re a passionate chef or consider your kitchen a source of inspiration, don’t miss the Schausonntag on March 3. From 1 PM to 5 PM, all branches will open their doors for a relaxed event where you can explore the latest kitchen technologies, inspiring ideas, and state-of-the-art facilities. The star of the day is the Thermomix®, which will elevate your kitchen to a whole new level. In each branch, a representative will present the new TM6 and answer any questions you may have. Get inspired by delicious dishes and homemade appetizers! Find out more about the Schausonntag and discover the world of kitchen innovation!

Küchentester-Aktion – Experience Your Dream Kitchen

XXL Küchen Ass is still looking for kitchen testers! If you’re interested in experiencing a newly planned branded kitchen at unbeatable conditions, join the Küchentester-Aktion. Save up to 50% while designing your dream kitchen from renowned manufacturers like Schüller and Nobilia. To participate, simply schedule a free kitchen consultation either by phone or through the website. All you need is your consent to document and showcase your kitchen for promotional purposes. Take a look at the gallery and get inspired by the enchanting vintage-style kitchen of the Z family from Bautzen. Click here for more information about this exclusive kitchen tester program!

XXL Küchen Ass
The world of kitchen innovation awaits at XXL Küchen Ass

Experience Your Dream Kitchen with XXL-Service

As always, XXL Küchen Ass provides the XXL-Service to make your kitchen dreams come true. From individual consultation and planning to delivery and installation, the experienced kitchen experts are there to assist you with their expertise. Visit the kitchen studios in person to see and experience the exhibition kitchens firsthand. XXL Küchen Ass has 8 locations throughout Sachsen:

  • Location 1
  • Location 2
  • Location 3
  • Location 4
  • Location 5
  • Location 6
  • Location 7
  • Location 8

The XXL-Service includes:

  • “Made in Germany” kitchens
  • 5-year guarantee on kitchen furniture
  • 5-year guarantee on branded built-in appliances
  • Free service after 1 and 5 years
  • Regional family-owned business from Schönbach/Oberlausitz

If you want to see the exhibition kitchens live and get a firsthand look at the optics, quality, and appearance, simply stop by and let yourself be inspired in the local kitchen studios.

Note: The image inserted above is for illustrative purposes and represents the world of kitchen innovation at XXL Küchen Ass.

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