Winter Returns to Saxony: Captivating Photos of a Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland in Saxony: Snowfall Delights Residents

In the early hours of Thursday, snow blanketed many parts of Saxony, creating a picturesque winter scenery. Residents woke up to a winter wonderland as they gazed out of their windows. According to the weather forecast, intermittent snow showers are expected throughout the day, with occasional sun breaks. Temperatures range from minus one to plus one degree Celsius, dropping to minus four to minus one degree Celsius in mountainous areas. The entire region of Saxony is once again covered in a pristine layer of white.

The city of Dresden was not exempt from the snowfall. Since early morning, snow removal services and city personnel have been working tirelessly to clear the streets and public areas. The diligent employees of the Dresden City Cleaning Department were seen clearing the steps of the Brühlsche Terrasse to ensure the safety of pedestrians, while trams operated by Dresden Transport Services (DVB) sparkled as they maneuvered over the Augustusbrücke, creating small bursts of sparks from the overhead power lines.

“Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge: A Rare Natural Phenomenon”

In the Saxon Switzerland-Osterzgebirge district, photographer Christoph Conrad captured a rare natural phenomenon on Wednesday. A large ice halo around the sun graced the skies. These halos are formed by ice crystals found in high-altitude cirrus clouds, typically situated between eight to twelve kilometers above ground level.

Meanwhile, winter beauty also unfolded in other parts of Saxony. Snow-covered tables and chairs adorned a beer garden by the Elbe, with the backdrop of the Altstadt creating a picturesque scene.

Snow-covered landscape in Saxony

In the Leipzig area, the snowy conditions caused disruptions in air travel. Flights between Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig/Halle and Dresden airports experienced cancellations, with more than 300 out of approximately 1,000 flights canceled at Frankfurt Airport alone.

Leipzig itself was blanketed in heavy snowfall, presenting a charming winter ambiance. The first snowfall of the year resulted in a thick snow cover across Leipzig city.

In the Landkreis Bautzen and Görlitz regions, winter wonder continued to unfold. From a breathtaking sunrise in Göda near Bautzen to the joy of sledding behind the Wartturm in Niesky, the Oberlausitz region delivered beautiful moments amidst the seasonal cold.

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