Vibrant Alpine Culture Amidst Three Mountain Ranges

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Exploring the Beautiful Montafon Region in Vorarlberg

The Montafon region in Vorarlberg is a picturesque destination that captivates visitors with its stunning mountain landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Nestled amidst the majestic ranges of Rätikon, Verwall, and Silvretta, Montafon offers a diverse natural symphony that enchants all who visit.

Even in the winter season, there is no shortage of activities to experience in this Vorarlberg valley, located not far from Lake Constance. From idyllic hiking trails through snowy alpine landscapes to cozy mountain huts and a unique cheese culture, Montafon has something for everyone.

Montafon region

Immerse in Nature and Adventure at Erlebnisberg Golm

One of the highlights of Montafon is the Erlebnisberg Golm, part of the eastern Rätikon range. This beautiful mountain offers breathtaking panoramic views of surrounding peaks, high alpine terrain, and the shimmering settlements in the valley. Unlike the fast-paced ski slopes found elsewhere, Golm encourages visitors to take their time and soak in the magnificent scenery.

“An adrenaline junkie seeking an exhilarating experience would be as out of place here as a speedboat racer in Venice.”

Recognized as one of the most stunning ski resorts in Vorarlberg, Golm manages to preserve the region’s original character while combining it with sustainable tourism practices. The area successfully blends the traditions of a once predominantly farming-based culture with the demands of the modern world.

Discovering the Charms of Montafon

Spend a few days exploring the unique offerings of this approximately 40-kilometer-long valley, surrounded by the Verwall, Rätikon, and Silvretta mountain ranges. Even in the cold winter months, Montafon boasts impressive snow-covered hikes that allow visitors to truly connect with nature.

Begin your adventure in Latschau, the gateway to Golm, where you can start your journey from the hiking car park. The ascent to the Lindauer Hütte, a cozy mountain hut at an elevation of about 1750 meters, is a good starting point. With some stamina, you can reach it in around two and a half hours.

Start with a slightly steep path through the Rasafeibach gorge, which opens up into the picturesque Gauertal valley. The trail becomes gentler as you cross snowy alpine meadows, passing the Untere Sporaalpe, until you arrive at the Alpenvereinshütte. Nestled in an impressive mountain backdrop and crowned by the Drusentor, a striking cleft between Sulzfluh and the Drei Türmen, this alpine hut showcases the natural beauty of Montafon.

Preserving Mountain Heritage and Cuisine

Upon reaching the Lindauer Hütte, it’s time to relax and enjoy a hearty meal after the ascent. Make sure to try traditional Vorarlberg dishes such as the fluffy Kaiserschmarren and the flavorful Sura Kees served with boiled potatoes. The latter dish reflects the unique heritage of the Maisäß culture, which played a significant role in the region’s history.

“These small mountain dwellings, located between 1200 and 1700 meters, were used by Montafon farming families to pasture their cattle, produce cheese, and butter.”

While the concept of seasonal settlement has diminished over the years, the present-day users of these Maisäß locations maintain a strong connection to their ancestral homes. These sites are cherished for leisure activities and relaxation, serving as a testament to Montafon’s rich cultural traditions.

The Sura Kees, a tangy cheese with high protein content, has evolved from being labeled as “poor people’s food” to becoming a popular specialty in both gastronomy and the cheese scene. Local alpine farms and dairy cooperatives continue to uphold the tradition of Sura Kees, embracing both heritage and innovation.

To truly immerse yourself in Montafon’s gastronomic delights, consider exploring the local cheese producers and indulging in the various Sura Kees variations.

Experience the Montafon Mosaic

The Montafon region boasts the “Alpenmosaik Montafon,” a vast network of over 500 kilometers of themed trails enriched with cultural and historical information. These paths allow visitors to explore the valley, Rätikon, Verwall, and Silvretta regions at their leisure.

Extra information: If you plan to stay in a BergePlus-accredited accommodation, you have the opportunity to participate in guided tours with trained hiking and nature guides free of charge. These tours are available for individuals, requiring only one person to start.

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