“Unveiling the Pathway: Connecting Radebeul and Moritzburg through a Scenic Cycle Route”

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The Connection Between Radebeul and Moritzburg Through a New Cycle Path

Residents and visitors of Radebeul and Moritzburg in Germany will soon benefit from a new cycle path that will connect the two areas, offering safer and more convenient travel options. The existing road between Wahnsdorf and Boxdorf will undergo renovation and be equipped with a dedicated cycling and walking path. This development aims to enhance the overall safety and accessibility of the route for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Cyclists on a path

The Proposed Variants and Preferred Option

A planning office responsible for the project presented three different options for consideration by the Technical Committee of the Moritzburg municipality. The first variant suggested a cycle lane from Wahnsdorf, followed by a separate pedestrian pathway. However, concerns were raised over the potential lack of physical separation, potentially causing uncertainty, especially for heavy traffic.

“Zwar sind alle Verkehrsteilnehmer getrennt, jedoch gibt es keine bauliche Trennung, was insbesondere bei Schwerverkehr zur subjektiven Unsicherheit führen kann, sodass Radfahrende dann rechtswidrig auf den Gehweg ausweichen. Der ist mit 2,00 m Breite dann deutlich zu schmal,”

The second variant proposed a shared foot and cycle path separated from the road. However, this option was deemed insufficient for future needs, considering the expected increase in cyclists in the area. Additionally, it did not account for the varying speeds of pedestrians and cyclists. Ultimately, the municipality recommended the third option, which entails the construction of a dual-direction cycle path alongside a pedestrian pathway, physically separated from motorized traffic.

Phased Construction and Funding

The construction of the new cycle and walking path is planned to be carried out in two phases. The initial phase will span from Boxdorf, starting at Dresdner Straße, and end at the intersection with Am Walthersgrund. The necessary funds for the planning and implementation of the project have already been allotted in the budget. The municipality has allocated €110,000 for 2025, with an additional €50,000 and €67,500 in the subsequent years. The Technical Committee has authorized the administration to proceed with the planning and apply for funding opportunities.

Challenges and Future Steps

The implementation of the new cycle path is not without its obstacles. The municipality needs to negotiate with property owners along Wahnsdorfer Straße to acquire a portion of land necessary for the construction. Although some resistance has been encountered thus far, individual discussions with the property owners are planned to address and resolve any concerns.

Furthermore, there are plans to also construct a cycle path on the adjacent Dresdner Straße, between the Wahnsdorf intersection and the roundabout. An information session for the public will be held on March 12 at the Mehrzweckgebäude Reichenberg on August-Bebel-Straße 74, where the interested parties can gain insights into the planned developments.

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