Two Home Games, One Goal: The Call for Promotion!

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Exciting Times for Dynamo Dresden: Two Home Games, One Goal: Promotion Awaits!

Dynamo Dresden

German football club Dynamo Dresden is making waves as they climb their way up the ranks. With their upcoming home games, fans can expect pure football action. Join in as the Black and Yellow step onto the field, fighting together with the fans for promotion. Secure your tickets now!

“Unforgettable moment: Niklas Hauptmann (right) secures Dynamo Dresden’s victory in the last game of the year against Bielefeld with a powerful header. The excitement for the upcoming home games is mounting!”

© Dynamo Dresden

Winter Break is Over: Dynamo Dresden Set to Shake the Rudolf-Harbig Stadion!

Following three consecutive wins against SpVgg Unterhaching, MSV Duisburg, and Arminia Bielefeld, Dynamo Dresden is brimming with energy as they enter the new year. Fans can look forward to two captivating home games in January, driving their mission for promotion.

SGD on the Move – Upcoming Fixtures

Secure your tickets now and get ready for unforgettable football moments!

  1. 10th Home Game against SV Sandhausen

    Date: 20.01.2024 | 14:00 Uhr (Entrance from 12:00 Uhr)

    Location: Rudolf Harbig Stadion Dresden

    Get your tickets now!
  2. 11th Home Game against BVB II Borussia Dortmund

    Date: 28.01.2024 | 19:30 Uhr (Entrance from 17:30 Uhr)

    Location: Rudolf Harbig Stadion Dresden

    Get your tickets now!

“2023 was undoubtedly special for Dynamo Dresden, thanks in part to the club’s 70th anniversary. Dynamo can look back at impressive sporting achievements with an impressive average of 2.17 points per game (the best annual result since the reunification of Germany).”

© Dynamo Dresden

Support of Fans is Crucial for the Mission to Promotion!

The “Mission Aufstieg” (Mission Promotion) is in full swing, and Dynamo’s players need the thunderous support of the fans at the Rudolf-Harbig Stadion. Every fan can make a difference – there is no better time to show your passion for Dynamo Dresden.

Grab your tickets and be there live when Dynamo Dresden makes history on the field. Tickets are now available in the online shop.

Further ticket sales locations:

47 points were celebrated by the Dynamos along with their fans in the Rudolf-Harbig Stadion in 2023. Support your team in the new year and secure a ticket for the next home game!

“Include a captivating closing statement here to encourage fans to attend the upcoming home games.”

© Dynamo Dresden
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