Top 10 Tips for This Week: Your Ultimate Guide to Dresden’s Hottest Events

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Dresden’s Top 10 Tips for This Week

Discover the vibrant events happening in Dresden and Ostsachsen this week. Here are the top 10 recommendations:

  1. Winter Meeting of Bikers at Augustusburg Castle – Come and enjoy live music, food, and drinks as bikers gather for a winter meetup at Schloss Augustusburg.
    Winter Meeting of Bikers at Augustusburg Castle
  2. Best of Classic – Immerse yourself in a lively musical experience with the 43-member POLISH ART PHILHARMONIC orchestra and Maestro Michael Maciaszczyk at the Kulturpalast Dresden.
  3. Von Maurern und Logen – Interessantes und Kurioses aus aller Welt – Explore the world of Freemasonry through a fascinating lecture and conversation at the Literaturhaus Alte Synagoge Görlitz.
  4. Juro Mětšk – ein Porträt – Join a reading at the Bautzener Antiquariat zum Dom to discover the recently released memoir dedicated to the Sorbian composer Juro Mětšk.
  5. Techno Party #2 in Döbeln – Experience an exciting techno party with local and regional DJs, promising a night of great music and good vibes at KL 17 Döbeln.
  6. 51. Wintertreffen der Motorradfahrer – Witness an impressive gathering of motorcycles at Schloss Augustusburg as bike enthusiasts come together for a winter meet-up.
  7. Weihnachtsbaumbrennen in Leppersdorf – Enjoy the traditional Christmas tree burning event at Jugendclub Leppersdorf, accompanied by bratwurst, mulled wine, and beer.
  8. HAPPY NEW EAR in Hellerau – Celebrate the musical start of the year at Festspielhaus Dresden-Hellerau with the Dedalus Ensemble introducing the works of Brian Eno and Eliane Radigue.
  9. VENGA VENGA 90er & 2000er Party in Pretzschendorf – Dance the night away to the greatest hits of the 90s and 2000s at Kulturhaus Pretzschendorf, with themed outfits and a lively atmosphere.
  10. Heinz Klever – Allgemeine Realitätstheorie – Experience the comedic brilliance of Heinz Klever’s solo program, “ALLGEMEINE REALITÄTSTHEORIE,” at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Zittau.

For more event recommendations and information, visit the Augusto-Veranstaltungskalender. Explore hundreds of events happening in Dresden, Ostsachsen, and the Oberlausitz region. Whether it’s a stage performance, concert, party, or other interesting venues, you’ll find an event that suits your interests.

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