This Shaving Brush from the Erzgebirge is Great for the Climate

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The Company “Mühle” from Stützengrün Introduces Sustainable Shaving Brush

Image of the sustainable shaving brush

The renowned company “Mühle” from Stützengrün in the Erzgebirge region has recently launched a new product in their premium range – a sustainable shaving brush. With a focus on sustainability, “Mühle” is revolutionizing traditional shaving practices by incorporating eco-friendly materials into their products.

Combining Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

The latest highlight from “Mühle” is their unique shaving brush, which features bristles made from a blend of plastic fibers and natural fibers derived from corn starch. These innovative materials result in the brush containing 38% natural fibers. The company’s goal is to continuously improve and increase the use of sustainable materials in their products, as “Mühle” Managing Director, Christian Müller (50), explains:

“Unser Ziel ist es, diese Entwicklung weiter zu forcieren, wenn dies technisch möglich ist”

Additionally, “Mühle” has taken additional steps towards sustainability. In 2023, the company inaugurated a new facility that is heated using geothermal energy. Furthermore, they have been using plastic-free packaging for their products since some time.

A Tradition of Excellence and Sustainability

“Mühle” has been a leading presence in the industry since its establishment in 1945. Now in its third generation of family ownership, the company continues to thrive in Stützengrün with a workforce of 70 dedicated employees. Under the leadership of Christian Müller and his brother, “Mühle” upholds their tradition of producing high-quality shaving products while actively taking steps to reduce their environmental impact.

The introduction of the sustainable shaving brush by “Mühle” highlights the company’s commitment to combining innovation, tradition, and environmental responsibility. By incorporating natural fibers and exploring alternative energy sources, “Mühle” showcases how businesses can contribute to a greener future without compromising on product performance or customer satisfaction.

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