The Transformation of the Görlitz “DDR-ICE”: A Tale of Restoration and Resilience

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What has become of the “DDR-ICE” from Görlitz

A group of railway enthusiasts in Görlitz, Germany, have been working tirelessly to restore the iconic Vindobona train, also known as the “DDR-ICE.” The goal was to have the six remaining carriages fully restored and the beloved train back on the tracks by the end of last year. However, despite their best efforts, the restoration project did not go as planned.

Originally housed in Dresden, the majority of the Vindobona train is now located in Halberstadt. Although the project faced setbacks, the dedicated team of railway enthusiasts has not given up on their mission to revive this cultural treasure.

Passionate Railway Enthusiasts

Mario Lieb, a former employee of Deutsche Bahn, made the journey from Leipzig to the model railway exhibition in Löbau. Lieb is not only a railway enthusiast but also one of the founding members of SVT Görlitz GmbH, a non-profit organization established four years ago. The main purpose of the company is to preserve and restore the Vindobona train.

“The Vindobona, also known as the DDR-ICE, holds a special place in the hearts of many railway enthusiasts. It represents an important part of our history and a symbol of German engineering excellence.”

Together with his fellow railway enthusiasts, Lieb set out to save the Vindobona and bring it back to its former glory. However, the restoration process has proven to be more challenging than expected.

Continued Determination

Despite the difficulties encountered along the way, the railway enthusiasts remain determined to see the restoration project through to completion. Their commitment to preserving this piece of history and sharing it with the public is unwavering.

“The Vindobona represents not just a train, but a cultural heritage that should be celebrated and appreciated by generations to come. We will not give up until this beloved symbol of our past is once again cruising on the tracks, capturing the imaginations of both young and old.”

The challenges faced by the team have been significant, but their dedication and passion have not waned. They continue to work tirelessly, undeterred by setbacks, in their quest to ensure the Vindobona’s future.

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