The Sea, Lovely People, Beautiful Cities – A Spitzkunnersdorf Native Finding Her Home in Holland

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About the News Report: “Das Meer, liebe Menschen, schöne Städte – Spitzkunnersdorferin in Holland heimisch”

This news report, titled “Das Meer, liebe Menschen, schöne Städte – Spitzkunnersdorferin in Holland heimisch”, shares the inspiring story of Martina Ramstijn, a former resident of Spitzkunnersdorf, Germany, who has made her home in the Netherlands for the past 13 years. The report highlights Martina’s unique experiences and her strong connection to her new homeland.

Martina Ramstijn am Strand von Zoutelande

Martina Ramstijn’s journey has taken her to various parts of the world, where she has gained valuable life experiences. Before settling in the Netherlands, she had worked in social hotspots and developed a deep understanding of different cultures. The report showcases Martina’s love for her new home, as she describes a feeling of “Gezelligheid,” which translates to a sense of personal well-being that is shared with others in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

“Es ist ein Gefühl des persönlichen Wohlbefindens, das man mit anderen bei Spaß und Gemütlichkeit in entspannter Runde teilt,” explains the 37-year-old Martina.

Martina’s journey began with a desire to make a difference in the field of development aid. She volunteered in education projects in Ghana and Thailand and later pursued a degree in San Francisco. However, faced with financial challenges, Martina returned to Germany, where she started studying teaching in Heidelberg. However, she missed the English language and the multicultural community she had enjoyed during her previous years abroad.

Searching for a new direction, Martina enrolled at the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, where she could study in English and rediscover what she had been missing. In just two and a half years, she completed her bachelor’s degree in social sciences. During her time in Middelburg, she worked in the local gastronomy industry, where she met her current husband, Herco Ramstijn.

Life threw a difficult challenge at Martina in 2012 when her beloved father unexpectedly passed away. She needed time to process this unimaginable loss. Despite her initial plans to continue her studies in Utrecht and pursue a master’s degree in migration studies, she decided to change course and seek physically demanding work, which would allow her mind to find clarity.

“Meine tschechisch inspirierte Knoblauchsuppe war der Renner,” says Martina, when talking about her time working at the well-known “Frittenbude” at “B’tje Anders”, translated as “a little different.”

During this time, Martina faced skepticism from acquaintances in Germany who couldn’t understand her choice to work in the fast food industry. However, Martina emphasizes the importance of this period at “B’tje Anders,” as it allowed her to learn fluent Dutch and experience a sense of belonging. She had not realized how significant the Dutch language was in connecting with the people and culture of her new home.

A New Home in Middelburg

Martina Ramstijn has truly found a home in Middelburg, a city with charming narrow streets adorned with beautifully restored historic buildings and traversed by small canals. The city is steeped in a rich and vibrant history, with impressive architectural landmarks reflecting both prosperous and challenging times.

In the summer, when tourists temporarily flood the city, the Ramstijns hop on their bicycles, known as “Fiets,” to reach the stunning North Sea beaches just a few kilometers away. They have embraced cycling as a preferred mode of transportation, making a car unnecessary.

After years of physically demanding work, Martina started experiencing chronic shoulder and arm pain. Her doctor advised a change in workplace environment, leading her to join “Sauer & Oonk Adviseurs & Notarisen,” a notary office where she has been employed for four years. Martina serves German clients and has completed an education in real estate law and begun studying law.

In the winter months, Martina enjoys the rugged coastal climate and the tranquility of her city. She feels a deep connection to Middelburg and cannot imagine leaving. Although she occasionally reminisces about Christmas markets in Germany, Martina cherishes the unique moments spent celebrating Äberlausitzer Weihnachten in her hometown of Spitzkunnersdorf with her entire family.

This uplifting news report showcases Martina Ramstijn’s extraordinary journey, her deep attachment to her new home, and her determination to create a fulfilling life. Her story is a testament to the power of embracing new experiences and finding a sense of belonging in unexpected places.

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