“Tatort” Poll: How Did You Like “Pyramide” with Schenk and Ballauf?

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Review: “Pyramide” with Schenk and Ballauf

In a recent review, it was highlighted how the success of a film about financial fraud often hinges on the ability to captivate the audience despite the characters’ deceitful intentions. “Pyramide” effectively achieves this, as the actor Robin Sondermann delivers a compelling performance as the head of the sales organization, portraying him as an incessant machine of empty phrases. This familiar archetype can be seen on YouTube tutorials where self-proclaimed financial gurus repeat their outlandish success formulas, convincing even the most skeptical viewers that they, too, can become rockstars. However, what sets Sondermann’s portrayal apart is his ability to delve into the character’s hubris and corruption, constantly revealing new facets of his arrogance and debauchery.

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The Intrigue of Deception

One of the key challenges faced by films exploring financial fraud is keeping viewers engaged despite the inherently shady nature of the characters. “Pyramide” tackles this challenge head-on, providing a riveting tale that captivates audiences from start to finish. The character dynamics, particularly the lead portrayed by Robin Sondermann, draw viewers into a world of inflated promises and ill-intentions.

An Authentic and Relatable Performance

Robin Sondermann’s portrayal of the sales organization’s boss is strikingly authentic and relatable. Through his nuanced performance, Sondermann brings to life a character whose charisma and manipulative tactics are both captivating and repulsive. With every scene, he immerses himself in the intricacies of the character, revealing layer after layer of arrogance and moral corruption.

A Character to Watch

The audience’s fascination with the character portrayed by Sondermann stems not only from the captivating storyline but also from the actor’s ability to showcase the boss’s grandiosity and immorality. Sondermann’s performance gives audiences an opportunity to explore the complexities of human nature, highlighting the allure of watching even the most morally bankrupt individuals in action.


“Pyramide” succeeds in providing an engaging and uplifting cinematic experience despite its dark subject matter. The stellar performance by Robin Sondermann, portraying the charismatic yet corrupt boss, adds depth and intrigue to the film. Whether it is the allure of watching a skilled manipulator or the reflection on our own experiences with deception, “Pyramide” offers a captivating journey for moviegoers.

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