Supporting the Engagement of Young People: Empowering the Next Generation

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Supporting Young People’s Engagement: Caritasverbände Funds “youngcaritas” Initiative

The Caritasverband Vordere Ortenau has announced its support for young people who engage in voluntary social work through its “youngcaritas” initiative. This program, which falls under the newly merged Caritasverbände Offenburg-Kehl and Acher-Renchtal, has recently been granted a subsidy of approximately €54,000 by the “Glücksspirale” committee at the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege.

Encouraging Engagement among Young People

The Stabsstelle Engagementförderung, part of the expanded Caritasverband Vordere Ortenau, aims to reach out to young individuals aged between 13 and 27 years old, motivating them to explore different social aspects and actively participate in volunteer work. The range of activities can vary from one-time projects to engaging in a voluntary social year.

Fostering a Solidary Community

The “youngcaritas” initiative supports social engagement among young people nationwide. In Offenburg and Kehl, there is already an opportunity for volunteers to offer tutoring to children, write letters to elderly individuals in nursing homes, and encounter peers from different cultures. However, in Achern, the Acher and Renchtal regions, there is currently no specific support for youth volunteering. Andreas Hillebrandt, department manager, states that the aim is to expand “youngcaritas” and engage young individuals in the values of a solidary community.

Implementation and Future Plans

Steven Larouche and Isabella Eichner, social workers whose positions are partially financed through project funding, will be responsible for implementing the goals of the initiative. The funding from the “Glücksspirale” committee also covers administrative costs. Eichner mentions that they are open to new ideas from young people, adding that they are considering clothing and plant exchange events, similar to those already organized in Offenburg. The funding will enable the consolidation of the various associations, resulting in added value for promoting engagement. By 2024, a planning and coordination group will be formed, consisting of young individuals who will work alongside the initiative to encourage volunteer work and provide training opportunities and networking for those involved.

Joining the Initiative

If you wish to participate in the “youngcaritas” initiative, you can contact the Caritasverband Vordere Ortenau via email at [email protected] or [email protected], or by phone at 0781/790138 or 0157/80538693, respectively.

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