State Chancellery Chief: “We Need a Long-Term Solution for the Meißner Kornhaus”

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Oliver Schenk: Promoting the Project on Meißner Burgberg

Image of Meißner Burgberg Kornhaus

“Oliver Schenk möchte dem Projekt auf dem Meißner Burgberg Rückenwind geben. Er ist gegen höhere Rundfunkbeiträge, aber für den Erhalt von ARD und ZDF.”

Oliver Schenk, the State Minister and Chief of the Saxon State Chancellery, is actively supporting the project on Meißner Burgberg, aiming to give it a boost. Despite his stance against higher broadcasting fees, he strongly advocates for the preservation of ARD and ZDF.

The Historical Significance of Meißner Kornhaus

When Oliver Schenk stands in front of the historic Meißner Kornhaus on Meißner Burgberg, it holds great significance for him. This architectural gem has witnessed centuries of history and is a symbol of cultural heritage in the region.

A Symbol of Cultural Heritage

The Meißner Kornhaus, located on Meißner Burgberg, has long been a symbol of cultural heritage in the area. It serves as a reminder of the region’s rich history and traditions. Many visitors are captivated by its architectural beauty and historical charm.

Preserving a Piece of History

Preservation of the Meißner Kornhaus is a priority for Oliver Schenk. This historical building not only represents the past but also has the potential to play a significant role in the region’s future. By promoting and supporting initiatives to conserve and restore this landmark, he aims to ensure it remains a cherished part of the community.

Working Towards a Long-Term Solution

In his role as Chief of the Saxon State Chancellery, Oliver Schenk understands the importance of finding a long-term solution for the Meißner Kornhaus. He recognizes the need for strategic planning and collaboration with relevant stakeholders to ensure the sustainable preservation of this invaluable cultural treasure.

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