Shortage of 100,000 Skilled Workers Projected in Lausitz by 2040: IHK Chief

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Shortage of Skilled Workers Projected in Lausitz by 2040: IHK Chief

According to Frank Großmann, Managing Director of the IHK Görlitz/Zittau, the Lausitz region in Germany is expected to face a shortage of over 100,000 skilled workers by 2040. This projection takes into account all the projects planned as part of the structural transformation in the coal region. Großmann shared this insight during an event organized by the General Entrepreneur Association of Zittau and Surroundings in Zittau.

Metallbauunternehmen Arnell in Zittau

Declining Number of Insured Employees

Currently, the Bautzen and Görlitz districts have around 200,000 insured employees. However, this number is expected to decrease significantly over the next two decades. Großmann revealed that by 2040, the total workforce in these districts is estimated to reduce by approximately 56,500 skilled workers.

Increased Demand for Skilled Workers

“Until 2040, the Lausitz region will not require fewer workers than before, but rather even more,” emphasized Großmann. “If all the structural transformation projects are implemented, we anticipate an additional demand of nearly 60,000 skilled workers.” He further noted that immigration would be necessary to address this challenge.

This shortage of skilled workers poses a significant problem for the region, as numerous companies are actively seeking qualified professionals. One such example is the Zittauer Metallbauunternehmen Arnell, where they are currently recruiting skilled workers.

Owing to this pressing need for skilled labor, the IHK Görlitz/Zittau is advocating for initiatives that promote immigration and attract skilled workers from both within Germany and abroad. These efforts are crucial for sustaining economic growth and development in the Lausitz region.

As the Lausitz region undergoes a structural transformation, it is essential for stakeholders to collaborate and devise effective strategies to bridge the projected gap in the workforce. Future investments in vocational training, education, and targeted immigration programs can play a vital role in addressing the shortage of skilled workers and ensuring a prosperous future for the Lausitz region.

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