“Revitalized Demand: Saxons Rediscover the Allure of New Cars with Combustion Engines”

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Positive Trend: Sachsen’s Car Buyers Increasingly Opt for New Cars with Combustion Engines

In recent years, the popularity of electric cars has been on the rise worldwide, including in Germany. However, a new regional statistic from the Kraftfahrtbundesamt (KBA) reveals an interesting turnaround in Sachsen. In 2023, a total of 89,180 new cars were registered in the region, which is 3,386 more than the previous year. What makes this trend remarkable is that, contrary to expectations, customers in Sachsen have started opting for new cars with combustion engines more frequently than electric vehicles.

Market Shift in Car Preferences

The increase of approximately 1,300 vehicles in the combustion engine market segment is exclusively attributed to petrol cars. On the other hand, diesel registrations continue to decline. This shift in car preferences suggests that customers in Sachsen value the advantages and benefits offered by traditional combustion engines, whether in terms of familiarity, range, or other factors. The automotive industry manufacturers have also responded to this trend by offering significant discounts on new cars with combustion engines, making them even more attractive to potential buyers.

Supporting Local Economy and Employment

The renewed interest in new cars with combustion engines in Sachsen not only impacts the customers but also has wider implications for the local economy and employment. As the demand for these vehicles increases, it presents opportunities for local car dealerships, manufacturers, and other businesses involved in the automotive sector. This positive development can potentially create and sustain more jobs, contributing to the overall economic growth and stability of the region.

Continued Emphasis on Sustainable Transportation

Despite the recent shift towards new cars with combustion engines, it is important to note that electric vehicles still play a crucial role in achieving sustainable transportation and reducing environmental impact. Sachsen, like the rest of Germany, continues to promote and encourage the adoption of electric cars as a long-term solution for cleaner and greener mobility. The combination of both combustion engine vehicles and electric cars offers consumers a diverse range of options that cater to their individual needs and preferences while striving for a more sustainable future.


The increase in new cars with combustion engines in Sachsen indicates a noticeable shift in car buyers’ preferences. While electric cars have dominated the headlines in recent years, the renewed interest in traditional combustion engine vehicles highlights the importance of choice and variety in the automotive market. The local economy and employment are likely to benefit from this trend, while the emphasis on sustainable transportation remains a priority. By acknowledging and embracing both fuel types, consumers in Sachsen have the opportunity to find the perfect vehicle that aligns with their requirements and values.

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