PWO Group Supports “Wünschewagen” – Fulfilling Dreams and Changing Lives

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PWO Group Continues their Traditional Christmas Donation to Support “Wünschewagen” Project

In a heartwarming display of generosity, the PWO Group has once again extended their annual Christmas donation to support the “Wünschewagen” project of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) Südbaden. This year, the PWO Group contributed 5,000 euros to aid in fulfilling the final wishes of passengers in their last stages of life.

PWO Gruppe unterstützt Wünschewagen

Fulfilling Last Wishes with the “Wünschewagen” Project

The “Wünschewagen” project, introduced in the South Baden region in March 2023, has been dedicated to fulfilling the last wishes of terminally ill individuals. This noble initiative allows individuals to travel to places of their choice or experience important personal moments that would no longer be possible without the valuable support provided.

A Boost to Enhance the Quality of Life

“The generous Christmas donation from the PWO Group enables us, the ASB Südbaden, to continue this important work and improve the quality of life for individuals in challenging situations,” expresses Patrick Scholder, the Regional Manager of ASB Südbaden.

The financial assistance received will play a pivotal role in organizing and realizing the wishes of passengers. These wishes often go beyond mere travels, providing precious moments of joy and fulfillment.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Carlo Lazzarini, a board member of the PWO Group, underscores the significance of social responsibility and philanthropic endeavors, stating, “We have an obligation to contribute towards supporting individuals in difficult phases of life. The ‘Wünschewagen’ project by ASB Südbaden is doing commendable work, and we are proud to support this valuable initiative through our Christmas donation.”

Jochen Lischer, another board member of the PWO Group, adds, “It is an honor for us to join forces with ASB Südbaden in fulfilling the dreams and wishes of individuals nearing the end of their lives. Supporting the ‘Wünschewagen’ aligns with our commitment to promote positive changes in society.”

A Grateful Acknowledgment

The ASB Südbaden extends their heartfelt gratitude to the PWO Group for their generous donation and invaluable support towards the “Wünschewagen” project.

This heartening collaboration between PWO Group and ASB Südbaden not only brings comfort and joy to those in their final moments, but also highlights the power of compassion in making a difference in society.

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