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Albert Schwab Cuckoo Clock 1-Day Hunting Clock 16.9

This clock is designed in the Hunter style, another famous style of the 'Black Forest' cuckoo clocks of Germany. Take a look at the hand-carved facades and the natural wooden finish. This hunting style cuckoo clock is a timeless work of art. It has a Central deer head on the roof piece, with further roof decoration of two rifles. In every hunt, there is an expected game. In this scene, the game is hanging to the left and right of the dial. It gets even better; there is a powder pouch centrally under the dial, along with the hunting horn, which provides a complete hunting scene.

Because this is an economy edition of a hunting clock, the bird, clock hands, and antlers are not made of wood like the original. However, all other parts are wooden and hand-carved.

The clock has a 1-day movement system as well as a night shut-off system. The clock is vds certified and comes with a 2-year guarantee.

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