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August Schwer Cuckoo Clock 1-Day Luxury Carving Owl & Sparrows 13inches

This Luxury Carving clock has an appealing bird theme: An adorable pair of owls sitting on a branch perched on the roof of the clock. The birds sit down, gazing at the onlooker. To each side of the dial, a precisely sculpted sparrow perch. The clock has a wooden dial, hands, cuckoo (The cuckoo bird is designed to look very life-like), and pendulum. Finally, between the birds, beautiful maple leaves to complete that outdoor scene.

This premium model clock has a whopping five years warranty because the components are solid and have a long shelf-life. The chime springs are nickel-plated, the hinge on the cuckoo door is real, the chains are antique styled, and there is a wooden knob on the night shut-off. Yes, the cuckoo calls can be shut down at night if you want. It must also be rewound daily as it is a 1-day movement clock. The clock is also VdS certified.

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