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August Schwer Cuckoo Clock 1-Day Carving Bird & Leaves, COLOR 9.45 inches

This cuckoo clock has delicately carved leaves surrounding the edges of the dial and right on the top of the roof is a bird. There’s more to this beautiful theme; Each of the leaves are colorfully painted, with vibrant colors which bring life to the scene. The maple leaves are painted life green and brown while the bird is painted in different lively sky colors. Even the cuckoo bird looks life-like and is colorfully painted. The clock can be manually shut off at night to prevent the cuckoo calls.

This clock has wooden dial, hands, cuckoo (August Schwer exclusive life-like wooden cuckoo), and pendulum. The pendulum is carved into a maple leaf, which is also hand-painted. The 1-day clock has a 2-year warranty and is VDS certified.

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