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This traditional clock is designed in the famous Bahnhaeusle style. In 1885, a train station clock was designed in honor of the Black Forest Railway Line workers. These workers had helped build a railway through the very mountainous Black Forest in the 19th Century, and to acknowledge their efforts, a clock was designed and given to them.

The original clock was unique with a symbolic history, and this clock is designed as a reproduction of that original 1885 train station clock. The carved railway tracks adorn the edges of the clock, and little maple leaves seal the entire clock. An ideal gift for collectors, this is a clock with a story. The clock has a wooden dial, hands, cuckoo, and pendulum as well as roman numerals.
The clock has a vds seal from the black forest clock association and comes with a 2-year warranty. It is a one-day movement clock with provisions for night shut-off.

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