“Outrageous School Meal Prices! Parent Council Appeals for Aid from City Council”

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The High Costs of School Meals Prompt Calls for Help from Local Government

The recent removal of tax benefits has led to a significant increase in the prices of school meals. Concerned parents in the Zwickau region are now seeking assistance from the local government to address this issue.

“School meals must not only remain financially accessible but also be healthy and sustainable,” says Annett Hertel (51) from the Zwickau Kreiselternrat.

In Zwickau Stadt and Land, the cost of a daily portion of school food has reached a peak of almost seven euros. For Annett Hertel (51), this is no longer acceptable. She highlights the financial burden families with multiple children, who do not benefit from the education package, are facing, with costs amounting to several hundred euros per month. Hertel emphasizes the importance of a nutritious, balanced, and warm meal for successful learning, and suggests that school meals should be priced between three and five euros. To achieve this, local municipalities must contribute funding from their budgets. The Zwickau town hall is currently calculating the potential cost of such an initiative.

School meal prices
The rising prices of school meals are a concern not only in Zwickau but also in other regions. (Image source: Marius Becker/dpa)

Seeking Urgent Action from Local Politics

Andreas Gerold (61) from the AfD party expresses the need for prompt action, stating that affordable hot school meals should be implemented without extensive discussion. However, other political factions are taking a more cautious approach. In response to this, the Kreiselternrat is seeking support from local politicians and proposes exploring collaborative solutions.

“We would like to find a solution together,” says Annett Hertel. “Given the significant price discrepancies and numerous providers, a roundtable discussion would be beneficial.” The Zwickau town hall has yet to comment on the matter and will release a statement on January 25th, according to Sebastian Lasch (46), the Financial Mayor from the SPD party.

This issue extends beyond Zwickau, with rising school meal prices being observed in other regions as well. The appeal for intervention from the local government aims to ensure that students can enjoy affordable and nutritious meals while at school. The outcome of discussions between the parents’ council, politicians, and other stakeholders remains to be seen.

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