New Buses Already in Operation: Uplifting Community Connectivity

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Positive News: New Buses Already in Use

On January 10, 2024, the communities of Gengenbach, Ohlsbach, and Berghaupten celebrated the arrival of new community buses. These buses were much-needed replacements for the aging and unreliable ones that were previously in service. The initiative was made possible through the generous support of the Sparkassenstiftung Gengenbach, a foundation dedicated to promoting youth, culture, and social causes. A total of four buses were purchased, with each community receiving one and Gengenbach receiving two.

Positive Impact on Community Life

The demand for the new buses has been overwhelming, demonstrating their value and importance in enhancing community life. Martin Seidel, the board member of the Sparkassenstiftung, expressed his delight at the continued high demand for the buses, stating, “The buses embody everything that the foundation stands for: youth, culture, and social causes. They are a significant asset for local community life. That’s why it was once again important for us to support the communities in their acquisition.”

Supporting Local Initiatives

The Sparkassenstiftung has been making valuable contributions to the region year after year. They have organized events such as “Youth Cooks” and provided essential support for local projects, including driver safety training. Bürgermeister Thorsten Erny praised the foundation’s support, stating, “It is an important point of contact for us. We are thrilled that they have assisted us in acquiring the buses, making a valuable contribution to youth work, as well as social and cultural life in Gengenbach, Ohlsbach, and Berghaupten.”

“The Sparkassenstiftung leistet Jahr für Jahr eine wertvolle Arbeit für die Region – sei es durch selbst organisierte Veranstaltungen und Angebote wie ‘Jugend kocht’ oder das Fahrsicherheitstraining. Oder durch tatkräftige Unterstützung von Projekten vor Ort. Sie ist eine wichtige Anlaufstelle für uns. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Sie uns bei der Anschaffung der Busse unterstützt und damit einen wertvollen Beitrag für die Jugendarbeit sowie das soziale und kulturelle Leben in Gengenbach, Ohlsbach und Berghaupten leistet”, so Thorsten Erny.

Overall, the acquisition of the new buses has been a significant boost to the communities of Gengenbach, Ohlsbach, and Berghaupten. These buses not only serve as a convenient mode of transportation but also symbolize the commitment of the Sparkassenstiftung to the wellbeing and development of the local youth and cultural organizations. With the new buses in operation, the residents can look forward to enhanced connectivity and accessibility, fostering a stronger sense of community.

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