More Women Joining the THW in Saxony and Thuringia: Empowering the Future

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Mehr Frauen beim THW in Sachsen und Thüringen

Frauen beim THW

Recent data from the Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) in Sachsen and Thüringen shows an increase in female participation within the organization. The THW, previously known as a male-dominated field, is now seeing more women and girls join in efforts such as flood protection and other tasks.

“Durch die Erhöhung des Frauenanteils im THW wollen wir sicherstellen, dass unsere Organisation sich bestmöglich auf die aktuellen und künftigen Herausforderungen einstellt” – Paula Rentzsch, Landesbeauftragte für Sachsen, Thüringen.

Since 2014, the percentage of female specialists in the THW in Sachsen and Thüringen has risen from 13.64% to 19.18%. This increase translates to the number of women rising from 322 to 507. Girls aged 6 to 17 have also shown an increase in participation, with 97 girls accounting for 18.06% in 2014, and 165 girls making up 23.78% of Junghelferinnen today. The 34 local chapters of the THW in Sachsen and Thüringen currently have a total of 3,319 volunteers across all age groups.

Empowering women for future challenges

The THW acknowledges the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce in effectively handling present and future challenges. Paula Rentzsch, the state representative for Sachsen and Thüringen, states, “Without a broader representation within society, it will be difficult to meet the growing requirements in civil and disaster protection”. The THW Landesverband Sachsen, Thüringen is thus relying on an increase in female engagement to meet their goal of reaching a 30% female participation rate.

About the Technisches Hilfswerk (THW)

The Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) is the federal agency for technical relief and disaster response in Germany. With both volunteer and full-time staff, the THW plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of the country.

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