Mayor Bühler Unveils a Vision for 2024: Embracing a Bright Future in Oberkirch

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Oberkirch’s Mayor Provides a Vision for 2024

Oberbürgermeister Gregor Bühler recently welcomed over 400 guests to the traditional New Year’s reception in the city of Oberkirch, setting the stage for a promising year ahead. The event drew politicians, dignitaries, church representatives, business leaders, government officials, local citizens, and friends from partner cities who gathered at the Erwin-Braun-Halle.

The esteemed guests included Landtag member Bernd Mettenleiter (The Greens), several members of the District Council and mayors, as well as the Badische and Oberkircher Wine Princess. In his opening speech, Mayor Gregor Bühler expressed his gratitude to former Mayor Matthias Braun and his wife Andrea for their collaboration, the management team of the city of Oberkirch for their willingness to forge new paths, and the local representatives and council members who actively engage in municipal politics for the betterment of Oberkirch.

Mayor Bühler emphasized the importance of coming together and engaging in constructive dialogue during these challenging times. He underscored the need for unity and support among all community members to propel Oberkirch and the Renchtal region forward. Bühler also highlighted the significance of fostering a robust debating culture and encouraged citizens to actively participate in local government through various communication platforms, public council meetings, and additional town hall gatherings.

Mayor Bühler acknowledged the diverse challenges that Oberkirch faces and emphasized the necessity of collaboration, trust, and asking the right questions to find effective solutions. He expressed his concerns over the current divisive climate, urging everyone to be open-minded, share knowledge and opinions, and work together to shape a brighter future.

Building on Oberkirch’s Foundation

During his speech, Mayor Bühler recognized the vital role of responsible entrepreneurs who support Oberkirch and contribute to the region’s growth. Acknowledging their importance, the Mayor pledged continued annual support of over 500,000 Euros in furtherance of this endeavor. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of collective participation in the wind park project, involving all Renchtal municipalities, as a testament to their commitment to community and environmentally-friendly practices.

Mayor Bühler also highlighted the ongoing need for affordable housing to accommodate future generations and workers. He encouraged the responsible use of already developed land to prevent hindrances to the city’s expansion. Furthermore, Bühler stressed the importance of investing in education and establishing Oberkirch as a strong educational hub.

The Mayor addressed the issue of the declining support for local businesses, including farmers and winemakers. He attributed this decline to low market prices and customers’ purchasing habits, particularly with the rise of online retail giants. Bühler urged citizens to prioritize shopping locally to boost the local economy, foster appreciation within the community, and ensure the preservation of city centers.

In closing, Mayor Gregor Bühler posed the question, “Do you trust in the future?” He encouraged attendees to approach the future with optimism and trust, taking personal responsibility to preserve and create new opportunities for the benefit of all. The event concluded with a reception where guests enjoyed further discussions and exchanges of ideas.


For the full text of Oberbürgermeister Gregor Bühler’s New Year’s speech and to view impressions from the evening, visit the official website of the City of Oberkirch.

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