Max Mutzke and Marie Reim at the German Final for Eurovision Song Contest

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ESC-Vorentscheid: Max Mutzke, Marie Reim beim deutschen Finale zum Eurovision Song Contest

Germany’s final candidates for the Eurovision Song Contest have been announced. Among the list of talented artists and bands is the band Galant from southern Germany, with their Neo-NdW titled song “Katze”. Also competing is Isaak, a 28-year-old former “X-Factor” contestant from Ostwestfalen, bringing his captivating song “Always on the Run”. Another contestant is Leona, a 20-year-old songwriter from Hamburg, who will be performing her captivating track “Undream You”. We also have the Canadian-Dutch artist Bodine Monet, at 23 years old, who will be showcasing her mesmerizing song “Tears Like Rain”. Finally, we have NinetyNine, a 1.99-meter tall singer and songwriter from Hamburg, born in 1999, presenting his catchy tune “Love on a Budget”.

Eurovision Song Contest

These diverse and talented musicians are gearing up for the national final of the Eurovision Song Contest, the biggest music competition in Europe. Their performances will be evaluated by both a jury and the audience, with the winner securing their spot to represent Germany on the Eurovision stage.

Galant: A Band from South Germany with Neo-NdW Vibe

Galant, a band hailing from southern Germany, is bringing a unique Neo-NdW (New German Wave) vibe to the Eurovision Song Contest. Their song “Katze” promises to captivate listeners with its catchy melodies and powerful sound. With their energetic stage presence and musical talent, Galant is set to leave a lasting impression on the audience and the jury.

Isaak: Former “X-Factor” Contestant with a Captivating Performance

Isaak, a 28-year-old singer and songwriter from Ostwestfalen, is no stranger to the stage. Having previously participated in the popular talent show “X-Factor”, Isaak is bringing his captivating song “Always on the Run” to the Eurovision Song Contest. With his soulful voice and emotional performance, Isaak aims to win over the jury and the hearts of the audience.

Leona: A Young and Talented Songwriter from Hamburg

Leona, a young and talented 20-year-old songwriter from Hamburg, is ready to shine on the Eurovision stage with her heartfelt song “Undream You”. Leona’s melodic composition and soulful lyrics have the power to resonate with the audience, leaving a lasting impact. Her unique style and passion for music make her a strong contender in the competition.

Bodine Monet: A Canadian-Dutch Artist with Mesmerizing Vocals

Bodine Monet, a 23-year-old artist from Canada and the Netherlands, brings her mesmerizing vocals and powerful stage presence to the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song “Tears Like Rain” showcases her range and emotive delivery, captivating the audience. Bodine’s international background and musical talent make her an exciting addition to the competition.

NinetyNine: The Hamburg Singer and Songwriter Ready to Impress

NinetyNine, a charismatic 1.99-meter tall singer and songwriter from Hamburg, is ready to impress audiences with his catchy tune “Love on a Budget”. Born in 1999, NinetyNine’s youthful energy and charming personality shine through his performance. With his larger-than-life presence and unique musical style, NinetyNine aims to make a lasting impression at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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