Manuel Sommer: The New Maestro Taking the Stage

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Manuel Sommer becomes the New Conductor of Musicverein Fautenbach

Manuel Sommer

In an exciting development for the Musicverein Fautenbach, Manuel Sommer (31) has been appointed as the new conductor. The talented musician recently signed a contract that will position him as the musical director of the orchestra, starting from September 1st. The news has garnered great enthusiasm among the members of the association, with Carolin Serr beaming and stating, “Our dream has come true!”

A New Era Begins

Following the departure of Jürgen Mehrbrei, the organization wasted no time in finding his replacement, filling the position within just four weeks. “And it’s none other than our preferred candidate,” added Carolin Serr, a member of the management team. Sommer, a graduate of the Robert-Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf, holds a bachelor’s degree in Tenor Horn and Trombone. He is eager to relocate to his hometown along with his wife and child, bringing his expertise and passion to Fautenbach.

A Familiar Face Returns

Although Sommer is originally from Hanauerland, he is already acquainted with Fautenbach and its famous Ziwwl Festival. As a member of the “Egerländer Rebels,” he has performed there in the past. Additionally, Sommer’s extensive musical experience includes being the 1st Tenor Hornist of the Ulm Army Music Corps since 2016. He is highly regarded not only as an instrumental teacher but also as a member of the ensemble “Lukas Bruckmeyer and his Bohemian Comrades.”

“I want to focus my efforts on one orchestra initially, and that orchestra is Fautenbach,” Sommer stated.

The appointment of Manuel Sommer represents a new chapter for the Musicverein Fautenbach, bringing fresh energy and musical direction to the ensemble. With his wealth of experience and personal connection to the area, Sommer is poised to lead the orchestra to even greater heights. The members and supporters eagerly await the start of this exciting new era.

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