“Lost and Found: Rescuing a Disoriented Senior Citizen”

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An Orientation-Lost Senior Citizen Found: Reunited with Caregivers Safely

In a heartwarming incident on January 17, 2024, an elderly lady who appeared to be disoriented was discovered walking along B33 between Haslach and Hausach. A concerned motorist promptly alerted the police about her presence at around 2:15 pm.

“Ein Verkehrsteilnehmer meldete der Polizei am Dienstag gegen 14.15 Uhr eine offenbar verwirrte 80-Jährige, die auf der B33 zwischen Haslach und Hausach laufen würde.”

Elderly lady found

Identification and Safe Return

Upon arriving at the scene, the police quickly recognized the 80-year-old woman from a similar incident in the past. Having prior knowledge of her residency in a specific care facility, the officers made the necessary arrangements to reunite her with her caregivers.

“Nachdem die 80-jährige Frau von der Polizei angetroffen wurde, konnte diese aufgrund eines ähnlichen Vorfalls in der Vergangenheit wiedererkannt werden. Daher war bekannt, in welcher Wohneinrichtung sie wohnen dürfte. Die Beamten haben dorthin zurückgeführt und wohlbehalten dem Pflegepersonal übergeben können.”

Amply Safe, Thanks to Timely Intervention

This incident showcases the importance of citizens actively participating in public safety by promptly reporting any potential risks or concerns they observe. Thanks to the alertness and quick response of the motorist and law enforcement, the elderly woman was brought back to safety, offering reassurance to her loved ones and caregivers.

Ensuring the well-being of vulnerable members of society is a collective responsibility, and acts of kindness like this remind us of the positive impact we can have by looking out for one another.

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