LIEFERLUXUS – The Smart Choice for Tech Fans and Electronics Enthusiasts Like You!

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LIEFERLUXUS – the Smart Choice for Tech Enthusiasts


Experience the luxury of living your tech dreams without any hassle. With LIEFERLUXUS, you not only get high-quality technology but also a comprehensive service that saves you time, energy, and stress.

Why should you bother with the cumbersome transport of your new washing machine, heavy lifting of your new refrigerator, or complicated installations of your TV when you can enjoy the luxury of having everything done for you? From February 26 to March 9, immerse yourself in a world full of exclusive offers with LIEFERLUXUS*. LIEFERLUXUS means that your new technological achievements from MEDIAMARKT and SATURN are delivered directly to your home, completely assembled, installed, connected, and undergo a final functionality check – allowing you to sit back and enjoy your new devices!

Gönn’ dir den LIEFERLUXUS ab 19 EUR* für deine elektrisierenden Haushaltsgroßgeräte und TV-Geräte ab 50 Zoll Bildschirmdiagonale! Aber das ist noch längst nicht alles – auch für Einbaugeräte ab 299 EUR steht der LIEFERLUXUS bereit, und das schon ab 64 EUR.

Ready for innovative highlights with performance and style? These highlight products are more than just tech devices – they are the essence of modern living culture and lifestyle. From smart household appliances to entertaining gadgets, the highlight products offer the best in design and functionality that not only make your everyday life easier but also inspire your senses and make your tech dreams come true.

Swipe through the image gallery or visit your MEDIAMARKT or SATURN store online for even more tech highlights!

Luxury Appliances to Enhance Your Life

“Mit einer Kapazität von 7 kg und einer maximalen Schleuderdrehzahl von 1351 U/min bietet dir diese Waschmaschine von Bauknecht herausragende Leistung und Effizienz für deine Wäschepflege.” – MediaMarkt/ SATURN

“Der LG GBP52PZNCN1 aus der Serie 5 ist nicht nur energieeffizient (Energieeffizienzklasse C), sondern bietet auch jede Menge Platz für deine Lebensmittel und verleiht deiner Küche mit seinem stilvollen Design einen modernen Touch.” – MediaMarkt/ SATURN

“Der Bosch SMU4ECS24E aus der Serie 4 überzeugt mit einer Breite von 598 mm, einem Unterbaudesign und einem geräuscharmen Betrieb (42 dB). Genieße sauberes Geschirr ohne lästigen Lärm.” – MediaMarkt/ SATURN

“Der Philips FC 6826/01 SpeedPro Max ist ein kabelloser Staubsauger, der mit seiner starken Saugleistung und Flexibilität deine Böden im Handumdrehen sauber macht.” – MediaMarkt/ SATURN

“Die Lego Ideas 21345 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Sofortbildkamera ist nicht nur ein Spaß für Fotoliebhaber jeden Alters, sondern auch ein tolles Geschenk für Lego-Fans und Kreative.” – MediaMarkt/ SATURN

“Erwecke deine Filme und Serien zum Leben: Der Philips 55OLED708/12 4K OLED Ambilight TV verwandelt dein Wohnzimmer in ein cineastisches Erlebnis mit lebendigen Farben und beeindruckendem Ambilight.” – MediaMarkt/ SATURN

These are just a few examples of the luxury appliances available through LIEFERLUXUS. They offer outstanding performance, efficiency, and style to enhance your daily life.

Financing Options and Store Locations

Dream devices can be financed without interest: 0% financing. Take advantage of the 0% financing and make your tech dreams come true with up to 10 small installments. Finance your desired devices easily and comfortably over 10 months.

Visit your nearest MEDIAMARKT or SATURN store in Dresden or conveniently order online! This offer is only valid while supplies last – so secure your LIEFERLUXUS today!

*LIEFERLUXUS: When purchasing a stocked, marked, or immediately available household appliance (excluding built-in appliances) from €299.00 or a TV device from 50 inches in a MediaMarkt or SATURN store in Germany from February 26 to March 9, 2024 (also valid on a Sunday opening, please note the local store opening times) and the MediaMarkt online shop at or the SATURN online shop at from February 26, 09:00 a.m. to March 11, 08:59 a.m. (excluding purchases from third-party vendors and products with technical specifications), delivery, assembly, connection, and functionality check costs €19, for the purchase of a built-in appliance from €299, delivery, installation, connection, and functionality check costs €64. Only valid for mainland Germany. No guarantee of availability. Only valid while stocks of promotional products last. Errors and technical changes reserved. Not combinable with other promotions. For detailed information, please consult your specialist advisor in the store.

**0% effective annual interest rate from €100 financing amount, applies to the first 10 months from the conclusion of the contract, exclusively for products offered directly by MediaMarkt or SATURN, minimum monthly installment €10, term depends on the product up to 60 months. Initial and final rates may vary. Good credit rating required. Financing through a credit line with a Mastercard® from BNP Paribas, which can be used repeatedly. Net loan amount depends on creditworthiness up to €15,000. 18.90% effective annual interest rate. Contract term indefinite. Fixed borrowing rate of 0% only applies to the first 10 months from the conclusion of the contract (interest rate duration) for financing arranged by MediaMarkt or SATURN and product-dependent. You must make monthly installments in the amount chosen by you. If you do not repay your installment loan during the interest rate period, the conditions for follow-up loans will apply: The variable borrowing rate for other and future requests (follow-up loans) is 17.43% per year (if you already have a credit line with BNP Paribas, the actual variable borrowing rate may differ). For follow-up loans, you must make monthly installments in the amount chosen by you, but at least 2.5% of the highest outstanding balance rounded to the nearest 100 euros (min. €10) of the follow-up loans. Valid for adult consumers with a residence in Germany, valid ID card or passport (non-EU citizens with valid residence permit), valid EC card in their own name. Mediation exclusively for our financing partners: BNP Paribas S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland, Rüdesheimer Straße 1, 80686 Munich • Targobank AG, Kasernenstr. 10, 40213 Düsseldorf. Financing partner depends on the store.

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