“Kretschmer: Part-Time Work Alone Won’t Sustain Prosperity”

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Sachsen’s Ministerpräsident Michael Kretschmer advocates for longer working hours

Sachsen’s Ministerpräsident Michael Kretschmer, who has recently faced criticism from trade unions for his plea for longer working hours, believes that reforms are essential. Despite the backlash, Kretschmer emphasizes the need for change.

“It is clearly the wrong signal in times of labor shortages. We need to bring this law to a reasonable level,” said Kretschmer in Dresden. He questioned the contradiction of Germany complaining about labor shortages and wanting to attract foreign skilled workers while simultaneously reducing the working hours of local employees. Kretschmer argues that the standard should be 40 hours per week, with exceptions allowed in limited cases.

In addition to his call for changes in working hours, Kretschmer understands the importance of different priorities in people’s lives. He acknowledges that many young individuals focus less on material possessions, placing more value on social connections, healthy eating, and leisure activities. While he appreciates these lifestyle choices, he believes that the country should not rely solely on part-time work for its prosperity.

Kretschmer highlights the progress made in terms of gender equality and quality of life in recent years. He mentions that his party, the Union, introduced parental leave, and men and women are now equally involved in raising their children.

Prior Controversies

It is worth noting that Kretschmer has previously faced criticism for his stance on longer working hours. He called for an extension of the weekly working hours by one hour to address labor shortages and secure social welfare systems. He also advocated for the elimination of early retirement at the age of 63.

Image of Michael Kretschmer

This image shows Michael Kretschmer, the Ministerpräsident of Sachsen, who has sparked debates and discussions with his proposals on working hours and retirement policies.

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