“Keeping Kehl Above Water: Ensuring Flood-Free Streets during Heavy Rain”

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Efforts to Prevent Flooding in Kehl: The Schuttermühlkanal Pump Station

Residents of Kehl can rest assured that the city center will not be constantly submerged during heavy rainfall, thanks to the Schuttermühlkanal Pump Station. This hidden gem located in the harbor quietly extracts a staggering 5.2 million cubic meters of water annually from the Schuttermühlkanal and diverts it into the Rhine River, all without public awareness.

Schuttermühlkanal Pump Station

Addressing Rising Groundwater Levels

Ever since the Gambsheim lock went into operation in 1974, gradually raising groundwater levels in Kehl by an average of 1.80 meters, the need for the Schuttermühlkanal Pump Station became apparent. To ensure that a substantial portion of the city center remains accessible during heavy rainfall, significant repairs are currently underway at the pump station.

Two Main Components

The Schuttermühlkanal Pump Station consists of two main parts. The continuous pumping system, comprising a screw lift, transports incoming water from the Schuttermühlkanal about five meters upwards and redirects it into the Rhine. Two screw trough pumps are constantly in operation. In the event of heavy rain that exceeds the capacity of the screw trough pumps, excess water is automatically directed to an overflow basin for storage.

Here, four powerful propeller pumps are located, capable of pumping 3000 liters of water per second,” explains Ralf Brunner, the person in charge of the facility during maintenance work.

Preparing for Any Scenario

Kehl city is investing over two million euros to bring the technical installation up to date and prevent the city center from turning into a lake in the worst-case scenario. Additionally, disaster drills are regularly conducted by flooding the overflow basin as a precautionary measure.

Ongoing Maintenance

In late February, the disassembly of propeller pump 1 commenced. It will be transported to a specialized company in Langenfeld for cleaning, recoating, and the replacement of damaged parts and seals. The bearing will also be replaced. For safety reasons, only one pump is taken out of service at a time. Propeller pump 4 underwent maintenance last autumn and is now operational again. The refurbishment of pump 3 will begin once pump 1’s maintenance is complete. According to Ralf Brunner, this process will take several months.

With these dedicated efforts to ensure the functionality and reliability of the Schuttermühlkanal Pump Station, the city of Kehl can continue to thrive, even in the face of heavy rain.

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