Is the E-Car Boom Over? Rise in Gasoline Car Sales in Sachsen

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Benzine Cars Surpassing Alternative Drive Vehicles in Sachsen

In Sachsen, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of gasoline-powered cars being purchased and registered, marking a potential renaissance for combustion engines. However, this trend raises concerns for the future of E-Mobility in Sachsen, which aims to become a prominent hub for electric vehicles.

“Keine gute Nachricht für den E-Mobility-Standort Sachsen.”

Image of Benzine Cars

Increase in Gasoline Cars Registered

According to the Kraftfahrtbundesamt (KBA), a total of 89,180 cars were newly registered in Sachsen in 2023, which reflects an increase of 3,386 vehicles compared to the previous year. What stands out is that, after a long period, more gasoline cars were purchased and registered than vehicles with alternative drive systems, such as electric cars. This suggests that many buyers still have concerns about the relatively scarce charging infrastructure, limited range, or the high prices of electric models.

“Offenbar stören sich noch immer viele Käufer am vergleichsweise dünnen Ladenetz, der fehlenden Reichweite oder den hohen Preisen für E-Modelle.”

Impact on VW’s Production

Volkswagen, one of the major automotive manufacturers in Sachsen, had to temporarily reduce production at its Zwickau plant due to lack of demand in 2023. The compact car production, including the ID.3 model, was halted for two weeks, and a shift was eliminated. However, the production is now back to regular operation from Monday to Friday in a two-shift system.

Regional vs. Global Market

While the increase in gasoline car sales may be a concern locally, it’s essential to note that VW’s production in Zwickau caters not only to Sachsen but also to the global market. For instance, the Cupra Born, a VW model produced in Zwickau, is delivered to countries as far as Australia. On a national scale, there has been an overall increase in the share of electric cars. According to the KBA, electric passenger cars reached a total of 524,219 vehicles, accounting for 18.4% and showing an increase of 11.4%.

Chinese automaker BYD is also determined to capitalize on this trend. They have invested as an e-mobility partner in the UEFA Euro 2024, showcasing their commitment towards promoting electric mobility.

It is clear that the shift in consumer preferences towards gasoline cars in Sachsen does not represent a widespread decline in electric vehicle demand. Rather, it reveals the specific concerns and challenges that need to be addressed to encourage greater adoption of electric cars in the region.

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