From Debris to Valuable Building Materials

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Exploring the Benefits of Construction Waste Recycling in Appenweier

Appenweier, a town in Germany, is setting an example of sustainable construction practices through the efforts of local politicians and recycling companies. Recently, the Ortenau district representative, Bernd Mettenleiter, and the European parliament representative, Anna Cavazzini, visited the Schüttgut Recycling GmbH (SRG) facility in Appenweier to gain insights into the process of reusing construction waste and turning it into valuable building materials.

Image of the Schüttgut Recycling GmbH facility in Appenweier

Fostering Environmental Sustainability

Mettenleiter expressed his deep interest in understanding the practical procedures involved in recovering construction waste. As a member of the Environmental Committee, he recognized the significance of reintegrating existing materials into the construction cycle. Recycling materials such as concrete, asphalt, and bricks from demolished structures not only helps minimize waste but also contributes directly to environmental conservation.

“Jede Tonne Kies, die aus Altmaterial hergestellt wird, spart eine Tonne frischen Kies ein. Mit Hilfe von Recycling erreichen wir also, dass weniger Baggersee-Flächen ausgewiesen werden müssen. Das wiederum schützt die Naturräume entlang des Rheins.”

Mettenleiter emphasized that every ton of recycled materials used in construction saves an equivalent amount of fresh resources. By implementing recycling practices, the need for new extraction sites or quarry areas can be reduced, resulting in the preservation of natural ecosystems along the riverbanks of the Rhine.

Revitalizing Construction Waste: The Process

Anneliese Huber, the managing director of Huber-Bau GmbH & Co. KG, which owns the subsidiary Schüttgut Recycling GmbH, explained the various steps involved in the recycling process to the visiting politicians. Upon receiving and segregating the demolition debris at the Appenweier facility, the larger debris is crushed into different grades to produce recycled construction aggregates.

Das Schüttmaterial könne anschließend beispielsweise im Unterbau von Straßen als Frostschutz- oder Tragschicht wiederverwendet werden. Gewonnenes Asphaltgranulat finde zur Herstellung von neuem Asphalt Anwendung. Darüber hinaus lagere das Unternehmen Sandsteine oder Findlinge, die vor allem im Garten- und Landschaftsbau Verwendung finden.

The resulting recycled aggregates can be used as sub-base layers in road construction, serving as essential frost protection or load-bearing layers. Moreover, the company also stockpiles sandstones and boulders, which find applications in landscaping and gardening projects.

Beyond Construction Waste: Innovative Techniques

Anna Cavazzini highlighted the increasing significance of such processes, considering the vulnerability of global supply chains exposed by events like wars and pandemics. The recycling and reusing of regional construction waste offer enormous potential in establishing dependable and sustainable resource procurement methods. Additionally, recycling processes typically require less energy compared to acquiring new materials, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

The visit further revealed an innovative and sustainable technique known as “Flüssigboden” (liquid soil) adopted by Huber-Bau in the last few years. Tim Huber, Anneliese Huber’s son, explained that “Flüssigboden” involves processing excavated soil by incorporating additives. The resulting product can then be used as a fully functional filler material in underground infrastructure projects, eliminating the need for complete soil deposition.

“Beim Flüssigboden wird anfallender Aushub mit Zuschlägen aufbereitet und kann danach als vollwertiger Füllstoff beim Leitungsbau eingesetzt werden.”

This innovative technique not only helps conserve sand resources but also addresses the challenge of disposing of excavated soil. Mettenleiter commended the company’s investment in this modern and environmentally sound approach to construction.

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