First Meeting of Monday Demonstration Camps: “Finding Common Ground and Embracing Openness”

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First Meeting of Monday Demonstration Camps: “There are Similarities, but also a lot Open”


As the first dialogue meeting in Zittau comes to a close, both sides have released a joint statement, leaving the timing of further discussions open.

“There are similarities, but also a lot open.”

The first meeting of the Monday Demonstration camps in Zittau has resulted in a significant step towards building bridges of understanding between the different groups involved. Led by Stephan Kühne and Professor Peter Dierich, representatives from both sides engaged in constructive dialogue, aiming to find common ground and bridge the gaps that have existed in the past.

Aiming for Unity and Cooperation

The joint statement emphasized the existence of shared goals and common concerns among the Monday Demonstrations camps. While acknowledging the existing differences, the participants expressed their commitment to continue the dialogue with the intention of fostering unity and cooperation.

Building Trust and Understanding

The meeting provided an opportunity for open and honest discussions, allowing participants to share their perspectives, concerns, and aspirations. Through this dialogue, individuals from both sides were able to gain insights into the experiences and motivations of the other, leading to a greater understanding and empathy.

Professor Peter Dierich stated, “This meeting was a crucial step towards building trust and understanding between the different camps. By actively listening and engaging in dialogue, we can work towards finding solutions and common ground.”

Continuing the Dialogue

While the timing of further discussions is yet to be determined, both parties have expressed the desire to continue the dialogue and build upon the progress made during this first meeting. The joint statement emphasized the importance of ongoing engagement and communication to work towards finding shared solutions.

This initial dialogue meeting marks an important milestone towards creating a more inclusive and united community, where diverse perspectives are respected and collective actions drive positive change.


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