Does the Frauenkirche adorn Germany’s most beautiful stamp in 2023?

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Deutsche Post’s Search for Germany’s Most Beautiful Stamp

The Deutsche Post is once again on the lookout for Germany’s most beautiful stamp. This year, there are 58 candidates vying for the title, including a design representing Dresden, the home of Germany’s oldest philatelic association. The chairman of the association shares his thoughts on whether stamp collecting is still a worthwhile hobby in today’s world.

Germany's Most Beautiful Stamp 2023

“Marke, Marke in der Hand, was war das schönste Motiv im Land?” For the fourth time, the Deutsche Post is asking the public to help choose their favorite stamp through an online survey. The options range from famous figures like Loriot and Käpt’n Blaubär to iconic landmarks like the Brandenburger Tor and the Leipzig City Tunnel. Some stamps promote important causes such as peace, environmental protection, human rights, and even democracy, with one stamp being designed by a 16-year-old student.

A total of 58 stamps are in the running, and among them are two stamps showcasing themes from the state of Saxony: the historic Frauenkirche of Dresden and the Leipzig City Tunnel.

This competition not only sparks excitement among stamp enthusiasts but also showcases the creativity and diversity of stamp designs in Germany. It provides an opportunity for the public to engage in the selection process and have a say in determining the most beautiful stamp of the year.

Stamp Collecting and its Resilience as a Hobby

Stamp collecting, a timeless hobby that has connected individuals across generations, is under consideration. The chairman of the oldest philatelic association in Germany ponders whether it still holds its allure in the modern era.

“Ob sich das Hobby heute noch lohnt.” – The chairman of the philatelic association reflects on the worthiness of stamp collecting as a hobby in today’s world.

Stamp collecting offers more than just the joy of admiring beautiful designs and historical representations; it also holds educational value. Stamps often commemorate important events, personalities, and milestones, serving as tiny gateways into the world’s rich history and diverse cultures.

Despite living in a digitally-driven era, the charm of holding a physical stamp in one’s hands, with its intricate details and unique stories, continues to captivate those who appreciate the art of philately. Stamp collecting provides a tangible connection to history, a break from screens, and an opportunity for collectors to share their passion with others.

Voting for Germany’s Most Beautiful Stamp

Through an online survey, members of the public can cast their votes for their favorite stamp among the 58 contenders. This democratic approach ensures that the stamp chosen as Germany’s most beautiful is a reflection of the collective sentiment.

By involving the public in the decision-making process, the Deutsche Post acknowledges the importance of engaging with stamp enthusiasts and nurturing their interest in philately. It creates a sense of community among collectors and allows their voices to be heard, ultimately celebrating the artistry and creativity of stamp design in Germany.

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