“Discovering Water for the Future: Saxony’s Quest for Sustainable Solutions”

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Saxony Seeks Water for the Future

In the face of climate change, Saxony’s reservoirs are losing one third of their water. In order to address this issue, the state is now looking for new sources of water, for which it will require 1.6 billion euros. Here is an overview of how the funds will be utilized.

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Increasing Extreme Events in Saxony

The impacts of climate change, such as floods and prolonged droughts, are set to intensify in Saxony. The changing climate poses challenges for the region’s water resources, which need to be distributed fairly. To tackle this issue, Environment Minister Wolfram Günther presented a water strategy on Tuesday that includes ten measures. Günther emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “It is no longer a given that we will always have sufficient quantities of water available in the future, unless we take action now. With man-made climate change, we are experiencing periods of drought and floods. The extensive lignite mining has severely disrupted our water balances.”

Securing Water Supply

In order to ensure sufficient water supply not only for the residents but also for industries and agriculture, Saxony requires 1.6 billion euros over the next ten years. The program aims to address the projected loss of one third of the water in Saxony’s reservoirs. This is particularly important as 40 percent of the population relies on these reservoirs for their drinking water. The strategy involves connecting the reservoirs through pipelines to balance water levels. In the future, Dresden may receive water not only from Klingenberg and Lehnmühle but also from other reservoirs in the Ore Mountains. There is ongoing examination of the potential of utilizing water from other valleys and streams for the Gottleuba and Rauschenbach reservoirs as well.

To tackle the increasing challenges posed by climate change, Saxony aims to secure its water resources and ensure availability for all stakeholders. By investing in the water infrastructure, the state is taking proactive measures to adapt to the changing environment and mitigate the potential risks associated with water scarcity.

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