“Bringing Comfort to the Stage: A Donation for New Chairs”

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Bringing Comfort to Theatergoers: Donation for New Chairs

Theater Chairs

In a heartwarming gesture, Nicole Dietl, a board member of Sparkasse Offenburg/Ortenau, extended a generous donation of 10,000 euros to the Kulturkreis Lahr e.V., a local cultural association. The funds will be used to replace damaged and worn-out chairs in the historic Stiftsschaffneikeller in Lahr. The official handover of the donation took place at the rehearsals of “The Sea,” the latest theater production by the in-house theater group “Theater im Keller.”

Enriching the Cultural Scene through Community Contributions

The Kulturkreis Lahr e.V. has been a prominent force in organizing over 1,000 cultural events since its establishment in 1983. The association plays a vital role in orchestrating theater performances, concerts, and art exhibitions, showcasing the vibrant artistic landscape of the region. None of these achievements would be possible without the tireless dedication of countless volunteers.

The Stiftsschaffneikeller, located on Friedrichsstraße in Lahr, serves as a central venue for various cultural gatherings in the community. As part of their commitment to supporting local arts and culture, the Regional Foundation and Sparkasse Offenburg/Ortenau have actively collaborated to ensure visitors can enjoy cultural events comfortably.

A Token of Appreciation for Art and Cultural Enthusiasts

During the donation ceremony, Nicole Dietl emphasized the Regional Foundation’s profound interest in promoting art and culture within the Sparkasse Offenburg/Ortenau community. Recognizing the value of comfortable seating for theater and concert experiences, Dietl expressed her delight to contribute to the Kulturkreis Lahr’s chair replacement project. She shared her own experiences, noting that a well-designed seat greatly enhances the enjoyment of any performance.

The 10,000-euro donation from the Regional Foundation will not only improve the audience’s comfort but also pave the way for memorable moments of excitement and awe that will keep theater enthusiasts coming back for more.

A Strong Alliance: Supporting the Local Arts Community

The Kulturkreis Lahr expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Nicole Dietl and the Regional Foundation for their invaluable support. With the new chairs, they eagerly anticipate hosting numerous captivating performances that will not only provide comfort to their guests but also inspire them to leap to their feet in applause.

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