Aue’s Pepic Finally Breaks Through: “Perhaps He Has a Taste for It Now”

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Mirnes Pepic celebrating the goal

Matchwinner Mirnes Pepic ends goal drought for Aue

In a thrilling match against Rot-Weiss Essen, Aue’s midfielder Mirnes Pepic finally broke his goal drought and secured a 2-1 victory for his team in the 94th minute. This crucial goal not only brought joy to the fans but also delighted Aue’s coach, Pavel Dotchev.

“He is a player who lives for football, always there for the team, and wants to win every game,” praised Coach Dotchev, emphasizing his admiration for Pepic.

Pepic’s goal came at a crucial moment, demonstrating his ability to seize opportunities. With determination and skill, he intercepted the ball from his opponent in the midfield, passed it to Steffen Meuer, and then converted the rebounded shot himself. This goal not only ended Pepic’s goal drought but also showcased Aue’s effectiveness in capitalizing on counter-attacks.

Coach’s faith and Pepic’s ambition

Coach Dotchev has always shown confidence in Pepic, considering him an integral part of the team. Despite previously urging Pepic to contribute more goals from his defensive midfield position, Dotchev was thrilled to see the midfielder finally find the back of the net against Essen.

“That Mirnes has rewarded himself for such a good performance makes me even happier. I have known him for many years. He may not be particularly goal-hungry, but maybe now he has a taste for it,” expressed Dotchev, hoping for more goals from Pepic in the future.

Pepic himself echoed Dotchev’s sentiment, expressing his desire to play a more offensive role and get into the box to create scoring opportunities. This shared vision between coach and player demonstrates their commitment to continuous improvement and utilizing Pepic’s skills to their fullest potential.

Impressive victory despite challenges

The victory against Essen was hard-fought and well-deserved for Aue. They overcame initial difficulties, including conceding an early goal and a temporary game interruption due to a pyrotechnic display by the Essen fans.

Despite these challenges, Aue showed resilience and determination. They adjusted their gameplay in the second half, playing with more directness and investing greater efforts to secure a win. Torjäger Bär, who scored the equalizer, acknowledged the team’s improvement and their deserved victory despite initial setbacks.

The win against Essen not only boosted Aue’s position in the league table but also highlighted their ability to adapt and overcome obstacles. With Coach Dotchev’s continued belief in his players’ abilities and Pepic’s newfound confidence, Aue can look forward to more success in future matches.


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