An Open Letter To Christmas Lovers

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August 24, 2020
Christkindl LIVE

An Open Letter to:

friends, families, Christmas/holiday lovers, German culture lovers:

“While Christkindl LIVE loves all of the Christmas markets around the world, we’re an independent platform and are not affiliated nor part of any Christmas market in the US.”

Up until the beginning of this year, life was normal and easy. Then the coronavirus hit. The world literally stopped. Being a cultural fanatic, I used to go to the Christkindl market held at my local city – I really enjoyed the unique flair. Unfortunately, most cities have canceled this year’s holiday craft fairs and Christmas markets, due to concerns over COVID-19. To support our vendors from around the state and provide holiday shoppers with an alternative, we are launching Christkindl.LIVE, an online Christkindl market, featuring a live booth assistant. Thousands of new cases are being reported each day, and it’s no longer safe to be in public places. As crazy as it sounds – the coronavirus isn’t just another ‘bird flu’. The virus not only attacks the upper respiratory system but also attacks our organs and jeopardizes our immune system. The physical market is closed, but it doesn’t mean the Christkindl flair is gone. Here’s the good news: We’ve been working with our vendors, and we will take the traditional Christkindl market online: the Christkindl.LIVE, with live remote booth assistants demonstrating items right in front of your screen. It would be a great exaggeration to say that this online Christkindl market can deliver the same experience as the physical market because … it’s just not possible. You may be wondering if Christkindl.LIVE is just another online shopping marketplace like Amazon. Right? Wrong. Christkindl.LIVE is very different from Amazon and some other online shopping websites in 3 major ways:
  1. Seeing Christmas novel items before knowing them

“Mom, look at this!” “wow, what’s that?” Is this what you hear when you walk up to a Christmas market booth? Exactly. You don’t know, and perhaps never seen, most of the novel items selling at a Christmas market. And this is what makes you want to visit the market – just to see what’s out there and what you may like. At least that’s the main reason why I go to the market. Try this:

Do you know the name of this?

It’s a German hand-made item that functions as a hygrometer and thermometer. The female figurine comes out when it’s sunny and dry; the male figurine comes out it’s humid and rainy. 

It has a name – a very specific name. But if you don’t know this thing exists, how can you possibly buy it from Amazon? What would you search? How many times have you bought something that you had never heard of from a Christkindl market because you saw it at a booth?

Now, this is exactly what Christkindl LIVE will do for you: See novel items first, then learn more about them. The platform will have over 200+ Christmas products from over 10 brands.

  1. Only Christmas-centric items at Christkindl.LIVE

First of all, Amazon is awesome. I buy 90% of our household items from Amazon with 2-day shipping. But I must know what I want before I can search for it, then buy it.

I just searched “Christmas gifts” from my Amazon account. And, this is what comes up:

Neck massager, Manicure Set (19 pieces), IZOD Men’s Two-Tone slippers, Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker, King Size Sheet Set – 4 Piece, etc. 

If this is what you want and expect, then Christkindl LIVE isn’t for you.

3. At Christkindl.LIVE, most products are hand-crafted in Germany No need to describe anything here – you’ve seen them.

4. LIVE booth assistant with LIVE webcam streaming

Looking at a novel item that you found interesting? Well, just ask the booth assistant to show it to you. It’s the same as when you walk up to a Christmas market booth and how you would ask the booth assistant questions, but everything is happening on your screen, online, live, with thousands of other people watching.

So far, you must be thinking that “hmmm, I’ve never seen such a thing before.” That’s right, because this will be the first time we’re doing it. Christkindl.LIVE would not be for you IF you’re looking for QVC or HSN (Home Shopping Network) type of programs, presentations, or shows.
What you will NOT see on Christkindl.LIVE
  1. QVC or HSN-type of Presentations
  2. Sales presentations
  3. Commercials
Our virtual booth assistant will talk to you only if you ask her questions about a specific item.

What you WILL see on Christkindl.LIVE

  1. Novel Christmas gifts/ornaments, and German hand-made wooden items
  2. Pop quizzes. Our booth assistant will challenge viewers with pop quizzes and trivias
  3. Interactive LIVE booth assistant. During the market hours, you can ask her to show you any item you see from the website

I admit that the Christkindl.LIVE market cannot compare to the real market in any way. Ideally, I would still like to personally visit a Christmas market, to feel the sensory experience, if the coronavirus did not exist. But, for you and your family’s health and safety, we believe the Christkindl.LIVE is a good compromise. 

We’re opening on November 15 this year.

P.S. How much do you know about Christkindl?  To engage our audience in a meaningful way, we have designed a pop-quiz:

Text ‘quiz’ to (844) 233-7111 to challenge yourself with 3 multiple-choice questions.

Christkindl LIVE Team

1st Interactive Online LIVE Christmas Market

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