Alternative Valentine’s Day with these 3 Nutcracker movies

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Be the nutcracker prince to your loved one this Valentine

Having Valentine’s day around the corner, and most of the businesses closed, being creative in terms of celebration is the only choice. The Notebook, When Harry met Sally and 50 first days are so last season, what we all need is some uniqueness in these lovely days. So how about a nutcracker themed Valentine? Prepare the hot chocolate, the marshmallows, bowl of mixed nuts and dried fruits, and the night can begin. If you want to go the extra mile with the decoration or the gift, you can try to find a King of Hearts Nutcracker Doll.

Whether ballet, cartoon or a movie, there are so many options of movies with nutcracker themes, and we are bringing you one of each. Not only will you experience something new, but there will be less drama and more easiness in the air. Love for sure. And if the movie inspires you, you might end the evening dancing, and create your own personal nutcracker story.

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Our top choices for best nutcracker movies:

Ballet: The Nutcracker (1977)

The nutcracker movie from 1977 is one of the first TV adaptations of the world famous ballet by Tschaikovsky, and many of the movie or the nut cracking aficionados say that this is the best version they have seen. The main role belongs to Mikhail Baryshnikov, synonym for ballet in the world, and the female role is taken by the US ballerina Gelsey Kirkland. The reviews of the movies are that the people have never seen such a nice dance movie, accompanied by smart humor from the main character and all in all a great adaptation of an even greater classic. Love elements are not missing in the movie, with a pinch of dreams and some fantasy.

Cartoon: The Nutcracker Prince (1990)

A cartoon that shows Clara dreaming of travelling the world in the grand ballet, unexpectedly her dreams get a new direction after a family friend entertains her with a story about a prince that in the name of love was transformed into a prince of the dolls, the nutcracker. After telling her about the story, the mysterious friend gifts her the most beautiful christmas gift, a nutcracker doll. As it is bedtime Clara’s world is turned upside down and she must make some choices. The Nutcracker Prince cartoon is not following the original story 100% but that is the magic, everyone can embrace their own dreams and their own magic, especially if you unwrap brand new shiny nutty nutcracker.

Movie: The Nutcracker and the four realms (2018)

A movie about a young girl in an army of Nutcracker Soldiers and army of mice. Having Morgan Freeman as the mystery family friend says a lot about the quality of the movie. The girl Clara is looking for a special key that will tell her the long kept secrets from her mother. After she unwraps the christmas present from the mysterious friend, she is transferred to a whole new world. The land of snowflakes, flowers, sweets, and a secret forth one,meets a nutcracker prince and together they must fight against the evil, in order to bring harmony to the world.

Of course there are many other nutcracker themed movies, as the recent Netflix documentary about the iconic ballet The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker, or there are high quality ballet adaptations from the Moscow theater, whichever you choose it won’t be a mistake, and you will have a lovely date night with your beloved.

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