Altenberg, Fichtelberg, Klínovec: What’s Happening in the Ski Resorts of Saxony and Czech Republic?

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The Winter Weather Returns to Saxony and Czech Republic

The winter weather has made a comeback in Saxony, much to the delight of ski enthusiasts. The conditions in the winter sports resorts in the state and neighboring Czech Republic are reported to be good. This beckons thousands of winter sports fans to flock to the ski areas once again. Let’s take a look at which areas are worth a visit.

Skiing Delights in Altenberg

Altenberg in the Osterzgebirge mountains is known as one of the most popular winter sports destinations in Saxony. The ski season has been in full swing here since the first weekend of Advent. The Kahleberg drag lift in Altenberg operates until 8 pm on weekdays and until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, with opening hours until 6 pm on Sundays. Families are in for a treat as well, with a Magic Carpet and a dedicated children’s slope, as well as a toboggan run right next to the lift.

“Altenberg is ready for the World Championships,” says a spokesperson, referring to the upcoming Rodel-Weltmeisterschaften (Rodeling World Championships) which will be held from January 26th to 28th. Athletes will be training on the bobsled and luge track starting from January 22nd. Tickets for those who wish to witness the championships live are available.

Fichtelberg: Excellent Conditions for Winter Sports

Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy excellent conditions at Fichtelberg. Visitors flocked to this popular destination last weekend, and there are expectations of a high number of winter sports guests in the coming days as well. Skiing at Fichtelberg is possible from 9 am to 4:30 pm daily. A cable car, chairlift, and four ski lifts transport skiers up the slopes. On selected days, night skiing is possible on the main ski slope. Those not interested in downhill skiing can go cross-country skiing or enjoy tobogganing. There is also a longer toboggan run. The toboggan run is expected to open this weekend if the predicted amount of natural snowfall occurs.

According to tourism officials, the ski season at Fichtelberg is planned to continue until April 7th. The slope conditions are currently very good, so shorter periods of warmer weather are not expected to disrupt skiing activities.


Tourists enjoying winter activities at the foot of Fichtelberg

Klínovec: Czech Republic’s Largest Ski Resort

Located right next to Fichtelberg, Klínovec is the largest ski resort in the Czech Republic and popular among visitors from Saxony as well. With 31.5 kilometers of ski slopes, it promises the best skiing weeks ahead with perfect conditions. All chairlifts are in operation, and 20 kilometers of downhill slopes are groomed. One special feature is the opportunity for night skiing on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Other Ski Areas in the Region

Eibenstock also anticipates a busy period ahead with the current “top conditions” attracting winter sports enthusiasts. Skiing is possible there from 9 am daily. Geising, which is close to Altenberg, is another alternative for those seeking a quieter atmosphere. Skating can be done at the Gründelstation ice rink in Geising.

Further south, Carlsfeld offers skiing opportunities at Hirschkopf, featuring a 450-meter ski slope and an open toboggan run. The Ski-Club Carlsfeld is hoping for fresh snow to prepare the cross-country skiing trails by the next weekend.

In the Vogtlandkreis district, Klingenthal provides opportunities for alpine and snowboard sports, as well as a two-kilometer cross-country skiing trail. Skilift operations start at 1 pm on weekdays and 9 am on weekends.

Just across the border, Bublava in the Schwaderbach area also offers winter sports activities from 9 am every day. The ski resort boasts wide slopes with no waiting times. Children have their own park with a 180-meter slope and a heated cottage for warming up.

Winter sports enthusiasts in Saxony have plenty of options to choose from. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, or tobogganing, the ski areas in Saxony and neighboring Czech Republic provide great opportunities for outdoor winter fun.

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