Achieve Your Dream Figure While Lying Down – Bodylounge MYA Makes it Possible

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Discover an Effortless Way to Achieve Your Dream Figure

German beauty salon “Bodylounge MYA” has introduced an effective method to effortlessly reduce problem areas, tighten connective tissue and permanently reduce cellulite. This may sound like a fairytale, but salon owner Anni Becker from Cunewalde insists it is not. She has implemented a proven technology from the fitness industry that allows clients to achieve their desired figure while lying down.

Bodylounge MYA

The Power of EMS Technology

“EMS” stands for “Electrical Muscle Stimulation,” a method that stimulates muscles using electronic impulses. This not only leads to noticeable training effects but also effectively supports weight loss. Experts explain that with EMS assistance, twice as many calories can be burned in just 20 minutes compared to other sports. The combination of EMS with ultrasound and a safe low-level laser further enhances these results. The impressive part is that all of this can be achieved without traditional physical exercise.”

Introducing the Revolutionary Slean Technology

The development of this innovative method comes from the company Slean Aesthetics, which Anni Becker has implemented in her beauty salon on Hauptstraße in Cunewalde. As a pioneer in Eastern Germany, she emphasizes the medical aspect of the technology, which convinced her as a trained nurse.

Anni Becker’s Personal Experience

Anni Becker shares her personal experience of trying the method on herself. In preparation for her wedding, she wanted to lose a few kilos and intentionally ordered a wedding dress in a smaller size. She admits that it was not an easy journey until she discovered the option of achieving her desired figure while lying down. She was grateful to have found this opportunity.

How Does It Work?

In Anni Becker’s studio, clients can comfortably relax on a bed. They wear a belt with 16 oval pads that emit EMS and ultrasound, supported by a low-level laser. Each treatment lasts 45 minutes and is completely painless. The EMS impulses to the muscles create a slight tingling sensation but no pain. Simply put, the ultrasound opens up the fat cells, the low-level laser activates the metabolism, and the EMS builds muscles. Toxins and water are flushed out of the fat cells and eliminated through the lymphatic system. It is important to drink enough water before and after the treatment. Anni Becker has even developed a suitable slimming tea called Slim Tee MYA. The treatment lasts for five weeks with two sessions per week, and the visible results testify to the effectiveness of this latest technology. Anni Becker emphasizes that this is not mere hocus-pocus, but a well-founded and advanced method.

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