A Profitable and Eventful Year: Unveiling the Successes and Challenges

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Successful and Turbulent Year for Wind Park in Ettenheim

2023 was a year of both success and change for the seven wind turbines located between Ettenheim and Schuttertal in Germany. These wind turbines produced an exceptional amount of electricity, marking the second-highest yield since the wind park’s inauguration in 2016. The Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau generated nearly 45 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 15,000 households.

“This demonstrates that wind energy can be effectively harnessed in the Black Forest, contrary to some preconceptions,” stated Jörg Bold, Chairman of the Ettenheimer Bürgerenergie cooperative.

The mayors of Schuttertal and Ettenheim, Matthias Litterst and Bruno Metz, expressed their satisfaction with the wind park’s electricity production in the past year.

Wind turbines

Community Involvement and Management Restructuring

The local communities, Schuttertal and Ettenheim, hold a combined 25.5% stake in the seven wind turbines of the Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau. Another 25.5% is owned by the Ettenheimer Bürgerenergie cooperative. The remaining 49% is held by a subsidiary of Munich-based Green City Energy AG.

“Green City Energy faced insolvency last year. However, the creditors have decided to retain their shares rather than sell. Consequently, the commercial and technical management of the wind park was restructured,” explained the press release.

Since January 1, the Freiburg-based company “Das Grüne Emissionshaus” has been entrusted with the management and monitoring of the wind park. With over 25 years of experience in the wind industry and a subsidiary of badenova-Gruppe since 2017, Das Grüne Emissionshaus currently oversees the operation of nearly 250 wind turbines in Germany and France.

“We are delighted that the municipalities, the cooperative, and the other owners of the wind park have placed their trust in us,” emphasized Oliver Fleischer, Managing Director of Das Grüne Emissionshaus. “With its size and history, the park is already something special in the region.”

Local Approval and Positive Outlook

The selection of Das Grüne Emissionshaus has been met with approval from the local communities involved.

“As we own more than a quarter of the wind park, we had a say in the selection process. We are pleased that an experienced partner from the region has been chosen,” stated Bruno Metz, Mayor of Ettenheim.

The local energy cooperative also expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “Thanks to the solution now found, we can continue the idea of a citizen-led wind park with high local involvement. With Das Grüne Emissionshaus, we have a competent partner with extensive expertise by our side. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact,” predicted Jörg Bold of Ettenheimer Bürgerenergie.

Background and Technical Specifications

The Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau comprises seven General Electric turbines of the GE 2.75-120 type, each with a capacity of 2.75 megawatts. The wind park commenced operations in July 2016 and has an average annual electricity production of approximately 40 million kilowatt-hours. The operating company of the wind park is Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau GmbH, headquartered in Ettenheim.

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